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Spring Ant Baiting

Don’t let ants take over your home this spring!  Our step-by-step guide can help you kick those critters to the curb.

Clean Up


You want to be sure that the ant bait is the only thing attracting ants. To be certain of this, it is important to put away food, clean up crumbs, oil, grease, trashcans, etc., so that they find the bait first. Once the ants find a preferred food source, they will emit a pheromone trail for other ants in the colony to follow. 

Don’t Use Sprays


This is one of the most important steps to follow. As tempting as it is to spray the ants you see, the best thing to do is leave them alone. The point of baiting is to attract the ants so that they can get to the bait and take it back for the colony to feed on. This creates a sort of domino effect and ensures you will get rid of the home invaders and all their friends back in the nest.



If you are initially seeing a large number of ants in an area of your home, the best thing to do is vacuum. Yep, that’s right, vacuum those little critters up. Before placing the bait stations down, vacuum the ants you see in your home. This will help to alleviate the temptation to use insecticidal sprays while baiting.

Start Baiting

Once you have vacuumed up the ants currently in your home and have found where they are entering, activate the baits! If you are using Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective No Spill Ant Kill, take off that green sticker on the bottom of the station. Once activated, place the bait stations next to the ants entering your home. You can place as many stations down as you wish inside and outside of your home.

Exterior Baiting (Prevention)

Issues with ants almost always start on the exterior of the home. This can be prevented by placing No Spill Ant Kill bait stations outside the home where ants are likely to enter.

Ants Not Taking the Bait?

During the spring, ants are highly focused on reproduction and developing the colony, meaning that they are foraging for proteins and oils instead of sugars. No Spill Ant Kill and Maggie's Farm Ant Killer are both sugar based baits. If you have a few bait placements of these lying around and the ants just aren’t interested, give Maggie’s Farm Roach Killer a try. Yes, you read that right, Roach Killer. It is formulated for roaches and ants! This bait may be more effective on ants during the spring because the main attractants contain proteins and oils.


Remember, you are trying to kill an entire colony (or colonies) of ants, so getting rid of them completely can take a little bit of time. Depending on the size of the colony, it can take up to two weeks to start seeing significant results. Following these steps and giving the bait some time to do its magic are keys to successfully eliminating your ant infestation.

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