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Places Bed Bugs Like to Hide

One pest that makes it hard to sleep tight is the bed bug. These pests feed on the blood of a host to survive. Bed bugs are small and flat, which makes it easy for them to stay hidden. While beds are the most common place to find these bloodsuckers, they aren’t afraid to expand their reach. We’ve made a list of places that bed bugs like to hide.

Common Bed Bug Hiding Places Infographic

Bed & Bedding


Since bed bugs need to feed on blood, they hide in areas close to people. Your bed provides them with easy access to you, which makes it their favorite spot. These pests will hide in mattress seams, inside box springs, and in small gaps around your headboard and bed frame. They can also be found on your sheets, blankets, and pillows.   



Another common hiding spot for bed bugs is your couch and other upholstered furniture. They are likely to hide in between the cushions on your sofa. You’ll also want to check underneath the couch since bed bugs prefer to live in dark areas. Signs of an infestation include spotting bed bugs, their tiny, white eggs, and dark red or brown stains on your sofa.

Fabric Items

 Dog under blanket

While bed bugs like to be warm and snug in your bedding, they will hide in other fabric items. Your clothing and curtains can make the perfect hiding spot for bed bugs. It’s also possible to find them in your carpet or rugs. They will likely stick to the carpet in your bedroom or living room since these areas offer the best chance of finding a blood meal.



Furniture close to your bed can also be a hiding spot for bed bugs. Nightstands offer a safe place to stay while waiting to feed throughout the night. Dresser drawers are also a common hiding spot because they are dark and warm. You’ll want to check in any gaps or small crevices on these pieces of furniture.

Home Décor & Electrical Outlets

Alarm clock

Your family pictures are probably some of your favorite things in your home. Unfortunately, bed bugs like them too. Since bed bugs are flat and tiny, they can fit behind wall décor. They can even be tucked away on objects on your nightstand like your alarm clock. Picture frames, light switches, and electrical outlets can also house bed bugs.  



Bed bugs don’t just stick to your traditional modes of transportation. One of the most common ways bed bugs travel is on your luggage. These pests will hop into suitcases and end up travelling home with you. When you get home, wash and dry clothing on a high setting, and vacuum your suitcase to help ensure you don’t bring any unwanted souvenirs home with you.



One thing you may not know about bed bugs is that they like to travel. These pests have been spotted in a variety of vehicles including cars, buses, and even planes, hitching a ride on clothes, in luggage, and other carry-on items. They like to hide in upholstered seats and fabric floor mats. When travelling, it’s always a good idea to check for signs of bed bugs before settling into your seat.



As an infestation grows, bed bugs find less common places to hide including books. Bed bugs can squeeze into the space between the spine and binding of a book. The books stored closest to people, like those left on nightstands, will be the ones most often targeted. The good news for bookworms is that this is usually only associated with severe infestations.

While a bed is the most common hiding spot for bed bugs, these bloodsuckers could be found in many places. When dealing with an infestation, it’s important to treat any areas where bed bugs could be hiding. If bed bugs have invaded your home, we want to help! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Bed Bug Killer for an environmentally and family-friendly solution.

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