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5 Reasons Why Boxelder Bugs Like Your Home

In fall, boxelder bugs sneak into homes and stay until warm weather arrives. When it comes to picking a house, these pests are looking for a few things. Knowing what attracts boxelder bugs to your home will make it easier to prevent and eliminate an infestation. Check out five reasons why boxelder bugs are likely to invade your home.

1. Your Home is Warm

Boxelder bug

Your house can provide boxelder bugs with warmth in winter and on cooler days during spring and summer. When temperatures drop, boxelder bugs start looking for a place to overwinter. They often gather on the side of homes before slipping inside. These pests may also be spotted on heat-reflecting surfaces in spring and summer. If it rains or is cloudy, they hang out on windows to warm up. 

2. Your Home Provides Shelter

Boxelder on leaf

Boxelder bugs can use your house as shelter from harsh winter conditions. Once they sneak indoors, they squeeze into cracks and crevices. They can also find sources of shelter in your yard. Overgrown vegetation, tall grass, weeds, and leaves are potential hiding spots. It’s best to keep the perimeter of your home free of dense vegetation and yard debris.

3. Your Home is Near Food Sources

Boxelder tree

Most bugs prefer to live near their food sources. Boxelder bugs are attracted to acer trees including boxelder, maple, and ash trees. These pests feed on seeds and fallen leaves. They will also eat certain fruit including apples. If you have these trees in your yard, boxelder bugs are likely to find them. To deter these bugs, pick up any fallen leaves and seeds.

4. Other Boxelder Bugs Are Present

Boxelder bugs

When a boxelder bug finds a good place to spend the winter months, they alert other bugs. Boxelder bugs release pheromones that attract other boxelder bugs to their location. This can lead a large number of these pests to your home. If you notice boxelder bugs gathering on your home, use a garden hose to spray them away and discourage them from returning.

5. Your Home Has Easy Access Points

Foundation gap

Pests can only infest homes if they find a way inside. If boxelder bugs find an access point, they will take it as an invitation to enter. Tears in screens and openings near utility lines can serve as an entry point. Boxelder bugs can also sneak into your home through cracks, gaps, and loose bricks or siding. These pests are small and can easily squeeze into tiny openings, so carefully check for and seal any potential entry points.  

It can be frustrating when pests move into your home. If you can identify why they’re invading, you can work to remove the attractant. If you’re dealing with a pest problem, we’re here to help! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products for a more environmentally and family-friendly solution.  

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