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Buggy Halloween Costumes

Though many people would prefer their life be insect-free, exceptions are made on Halloween. From fake spider webs to plastic bugs, these creepy crawlies add to the fun and spookiness of the holiday. If you’re looking for costume ideas, you can always use bugs as your inspiration. We’ve made a list of some buggy costumes for Halloween.


Dog in ladybug costume

Not only is a ladybug costume cute, it’s also easy to make. All you need is a red shirt and black pants. After adding a few black spots to the shirt, your ladybug costume is ready to go. The spots can be as easy as drawing them with a marker or you can attach round pieces of felt. If you want to add antennae, try wrapping pipe cleaners around a black headband.

Stink Bug

Though a stink bug has a bad reputation for the odor it releases, it makes a really neat costume. Brown clothing is best to mimic the stink bug’s appearance. Cut out a cardboard piece in the shape of a shield and paint it brown. You can add the speckled effect by dabbing goldish-yellow paint on the shield with a sponge. Make two straps by attaching ribbon to the cardboard shield.


Dog in bumblebee costume

You can’t go wrong with a buzzing bumblebee costume. It’s another easy costume to put together. Add black stripes, either with a marker or by sewing black felt, to a yellow shirt and pair with black pants. Top it off with a matching antennae headband. If you want to get crafty, you can always make wings out of felt and attach them to the back of the shirt.


The spider is an iconic Halloween critter. To make this costume, you’ll want to start with a black shirt and pants. Using tissue paper, stuff black socks and shape them to look like legs. Seal them and attach them to the back of the shirt either by sewing them or with a glue gun. Make the eyes with black and white felt and stitch them to a black hat.  


Butterfly costume

Butterflies can be a fun and colorful costume for Halloween. Like other bugs on this list, you’ll want to have black pants and a black shirt. Cut the wings out of black felt. The patterns on the wings can be made by gluing other pieces of felt—any color you want—onto the wing. You can attach these to the shirt or create straps for it. You can keep the headband simple or spice it up by adding a few fluffy pompoms to it.  

Praying Mantis

This praying mantis costume will require a little craftiness on your part. Start with a green shirt or hoodie and green pants. You can use cardboard, paper towel rolls, and green felt or paper to construct the arms and body piece. Big eyes, made from construction paper or felt, can be attached to the hoodie to complete the praying mantis costume.


Dog in bug costume

Another bug-inspired costume is a dragonfly. Like the other costumes on the list, you’ll want to start with a brown or black shirt and matching pants. Stuff a long tube sock with paper, leaving room at the end. Then use rubber bands or zip ties and start creating sections on the sock. Attach this piece to the shirt, making sure to seal the sock. Finish the look by adding a pair of wings.

Bugs may not be your favorite houseguest, but they do inspire cool Halloween costumes. Whether you decide to buy your costume from a store or try your hands at DIY, these bug costumes will have everyone buzzing with excitement. Which bug costume is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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