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Buggy Treats

A tasty treat is always a good idea and we all have our favorite. You can’t go wrong with an old faithful, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up. Bug inspired treats could be just the treat you deserve. Check out these buggy treats to find the perfect choice for your next snack.  

Chocolate Bugs

For the Classy

These are some classic treats that remind you of your childhood. Check them out and head to your favorite candy store.

Gummy Worms

Their bright colors are hard to miss and you can never have just one. These squishy treats are probably the most well-known bug candy. From orange to cherry, the various flavors are sure to please just about everyone. The treats aren’t just yummy, they can also be educational. Try building a dirt cup using your favorite chocolate sandwich cookie and pudding. Kids can learn about the earthworm’s natural habitat while enjoying their snack.  

Gummy worms

Chocolate Bugs

We’ve got our chocolate lovers covered. Instead of a bar of chocolate, individual pieces of chocolate are molded to resemble bugs. The round treats give a nod to their bug inspiration, but the wrappings are what bring the bugs to life. Images of bugs, like bees and ladybugs, decorate the wrappings. Though they may be a bit cartoonish, they can still be used to introduce kids to bugs.

Chocolate ladybug

Sweet Tart Treats

If you need something to cut through some of the sugar, sweet tart candies are a great choice. These candies provide the sweetness we love, but with a little bit of tang. These tasty treats come in a variety of fun, pastel colors. The best part is that they’re shaped like butterflies. For a bug lesson, you could teach your kids about metamorphosis. The butterfly candy is a fun way to show them the result of a caterpillar’s hard work. 


For the Crafty

Sometimes it’s fun to be creative. Put your cooking skills to the test with these treats.

Ants on a Log

Did ‘one by one, hurrah, hurrah’ pop into anyone else’s head, or just ours? These treats are another blast from the past. They’re easy to make but still fun and tasty. All you need is celery, peanut butter, and a few raisins. Cut the celery into roughly 2-inch pieces and spread a layer of peanut butter on top. With your log complete, add a couple of raisins to look like ants. This is a great opportunity to tell kids about how ant colonies work together to keep their colony happy and healthy.

Ants on a log

Pretzel Ladybugs

This is perfect for those who love combining salty and sweet flavors. Pick up your favorite bag of pretzels—we recommend the traditional twist shape—red food coloring, white chocolate, and chocolate chips. Carefully melt the white chocolate and add a couple drops of red food coloring. When you have your preferred red shade, dip 2/3 of the pretzel in it and let it dry. Melt the chocolate chips and dip the rest of the pretzel in it to create the ladybug’s head. Use the remaining chocolate to add eyes and dots. When the chocolate hardens, your snack is ready to enjoy.

Spider Cookies

Don’t let these spider treats scare you away. They’re yummy and easy to make. You’ll need a batch of cookies, chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate chips, and candy eyes. If you’re feeling up to the challenge of baking, whip of your favorite batch of cookies and let them cool. If you’re running short on time, store-bought cookies will be just as tasty. Melt the chocolate and use a penny-sized drop to attach the peanut butter cup—wider side down—to the cookie. Use the chocolate to attach the two candy eyes to the peanut butter cup. Finish your treat by piping lines of chocolate onto the cookie to mimic the spider’s legs.

Spider cookies

For the Adventurous

If you want to try something exciting, then check out these treats. Each one is made with an actual bug.

Sweet and Sour Earthworms

This takes the gummy worm and turns it upside down. Their name says it all. These treats are sweet, sour and made with earthworms. You may be squirming a little with this one, but worms are consumed worldwide. Some worms are even considered a good source of protein and calcium. Keep in mind that it’s best to go through a store and not to your back yard. It’s important that the worms are taken from soil that doesn’t contain anything that could harm you.

Chocolate Ants

If you like your chocolate to have a crunchy element, you may want to try these treats. To make this candy, ants are folded into melted chocolate. The chocolate is then shaped into thin, round pieces of candy and left to harden. Like worms, it’s not uncommon to find recipes with ants all over the world. Different species of ants have their own unique flavor, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the right one.

Cricket Suckers

This definitely isn’t your average lollipop. These suckers aren’t afraid to show off their main ingredient. Crickets are proudly displayed at the center of the hard candy. There are a variety of flavors to choose from including blueberry and strawberry. These sugary treats also contain some protein thanks to their special buggy ingredient.


There are many ways to incorporate bugs into your diet. Whether you prefer bug-inspired treats or actual bugs, there’s something for everyone. Head to your favorite store and give one of them a try. Do you have a favorite buggy treat? Let us know in the comments below!

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