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Why Do Bugs Come Indoors?

Pests have a habit of sneaking into homes. If they find your house welcoming, they may not want to leave. Knowing why bugs are in your home can help you control an infestation and prevent the arrival of other pests. We’ve made a list of reasons why bugs are likely to sneak into your home.

They’re Looking for Food

Ants eating crumbs

Pests, like ants and cockroaches, enter homes looking for something to eat. If they can find crumbs or sticky residues, they’ll be happy. Food left on the counter or open food containers can cause bugs to show up. Flies like to see what food they can find in trash bins. Though bugs like to eat your leftovers, they’ll also snack on your pet’s food if given the chance.

They’re Looking for Water

Cockroach water

Bugs aren’t just looking for a tasty treat, they also need to stay hydrated. Excess moisture in your house can attract bugs. Leaky pipes or dripping faucets can provide them with a source of water. Some areas in your home, like basements and garages, are more prone to dampness, and bugs are likely to gravitate to these areas. Keeping your home as dry as possible can help to prevent pest problems.

They’re Looking for Shelter

Rainfall on roof

Many pests head indoors looking for shelter. Clutter and cardboard boxes can provide bugs with hiding spots. Changes in weather can also cause pests to move inside. Rainfall can lead to flooded ant nests, causing these pests to sneak into your home. When temperatures become too hot or too cold, bugs may seek refuge in your house. In fall, some pests begin looking for a place to overwinter. If they can find their way indoors, they’ll settle down in a warm and secluded spot.

They Found an Entry Point

Open window

Sometimes pests will wander into homes if they come across an opening. If they find a crack, gap, or hole on the exterior of your house, they may decide to check it out. Tears in screens can also allow pests easy access to your home. If you have a habit of leaving your doors open, bugs will use this to their advantage. If they find attractants in your house, they may decide to stick around. 

Other Bugs Invited Them

Ant trail

Many bugs choose to work together, leading other bugs to your home. Some insects release pheromones that alert other bugs to their location. If an ant finds a good food source, it will release pheromones, creating a trail to the food. This will allow other ants in the colony to find it. Overwintering pests, like Asian lady beetles and stink bugs, release pheromones when they find a safe place to spend the winter months. This can result in large infestations.

They Were Carried Inside

Woman carrying grocery bag

Not all bugs actively walk into your home. Instead, they get carried into your house. Woodpiles, plants, and boxes can house hidden pests. When you carry them inside, the pests get carried in with you. Pantry pests may hide in grocery bags or infested packages. Your furry family members can also bring fleas inside after playing outdoors.

Unfortunately, pests may find your home inviting for a variety of reasons. Removing potential attractants can help to keep your home free of pesky bugs. If pests have invaded into your home, we’re here to help! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products for a more environmentally and family-friendly solution.

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