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5 Common Cockroach Hiding Spots

Finding creepy crawlies in your home is always an unnerving sight. Unfortunately, your house offers cockroaches with the food, warmth, and moisture they need. Knowing where these pests are likely to hide can help you prevent and eliminate an infestation. We’ve made a list of five places that cockroaches like to hide in your home.

1. Kitchen


Your kitchen is a go-to spot for cockroaches because these pests are likely to find sources of food and moisture. Cockroaches are known to hide in cabinets and in open food packages. They often slip behind or under appliances including refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. Not only can they find crumbs and moisture, but the appliances can help to keep them warm. Trash can also attract these pests. To keep cockroaches out of your kitchen, store your pantry items in sealed containers and clean up any crumbs or spills.

2. Bathroom


Cockroaches also gravitate to bathrooms where they can easily find water. These pests will hide in bathroom cabinets that house pipes. These areas are dark, and leaky pipes can provide moisture. Clogged drains that cause standing water can also attract them. Cockroaches like hiding in piles of dirty laundry and wet towels left on the floor. They aren’t picky eaters and will snack on soap and toothpaste. To prevent cockroaches, check for and repair leaky pipes, and be sure to keep your bathroom clean.

3. Furniture

Living room couch

These creepy crawlies can use your furniture as shelter. If you enjoy a snack on the couch, there’s a good chance crumbs will get left behind. Cockroaches can easily find these crumbs and will settle down in between and under cushions. They can also hide under furniture and shelves. Cockroaches are known to lay eggs on pieces of furniture too. Vacuuming can help to remove cockroaches and their eggs as well as the crumbs that attract them. Vacuum under furniture to ensure you catch any cockroaches hiding there.  

4. Cracks & Crevices

Crack in wall

Cockroaches like to hide in dark and secluded areas, and they will be happy if they find an available crack or crevice. These pests are thigmotactic insects, which means they seek contact with other objects, making tight spaces the perfect place to hide. They have a flat body that allows them to squeeze into these small spaces. Cracks on walls, ceilings, floors, and trim can be potential hiding spots. To prevent an infestation, you’ll want to seal cracks or gaps in your home

5. Clutter

Cardboard boxes

If your home has a lot of clutter, cockroaches won’t hesitate to move in. Clutter provides cockroaches with places to hide. Piles of paper or books can quickly become a source of shelter. They can also hide behind items on overfilled shelves. Leaving things on the floor, like piles of clothes, can attract cockroaches. These pests are also fond of cardboard boxes and are often found hiding in them. Not only can they hide in boxes, they can also feed on cardboard and paper. To make your home less appealing, keep things organized and store items in plastic bins with lids instead of in cardboard boxes.

Cockroaches don’t make the best roommates, which is why you’ll want to minimize hiding spots and attractants. If these pests can’t find the resources they need, they’ll be less likely to stick around. If cockroaches or other pests are bugging you, we have your back! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products for a more environmentally and family-friendly solution. 


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