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Cool Bug Toys

You know it’s the holiday season when stores are filling up with toys of all kinds. If you have a few gifts left to check off your list, why not consider a bug-inspired toy? Whether your child is an experienced bug hunter or just beginning to show interest, bug toys are a great way to encourage their exploration. We’ve made a list of cool bug toys you can give to the junior entomologist in your life.

Plastic Bugs

Plastic spiders

Just because your kiddo is fascinated with bugs, doesn’t mean you want creepy crawlies in your home. This is when plastic toy bugs come in handy. Kids will be able to explore the world of bugs without actually making contact with them. You can find a variety of sets with bugs ranging from butterflies and ladybugs to beetles and praying mantises.

Bug Robots

Robot Bug

If your children are tech savvy, you can upgrade your plastic bug to a robot. This toy gives kids the chance to build their very own robot. Once completed, they’ll be able to control their insect using a remote controller or even an app on a phone. This hands-on experience lets them play with bugs while giving them a behind the scenes look at how things are made.  

Pet Bugs

Person holding tarantula

Before you panic, we’re not talking about a living insect pet. However, that’s always another option. If you’re leery about having a bug roaming around your home, you can give your child a fake insect pet. There are quite a few options for this. Whether you choose a plush bug or a mechanical bug with touch sensitivity, your bug lover will be happy with their new friend.

Ant Farms

Ant Farm

One way to let kids observe ants in action is with an ant farm. These structures bring an ant’s habitat right into your home—in a safe and controlled way. You can buy complete ant farms or turn the gift into an activity by building your own. Not only is this a fun gift, but it also teaches kids about an ant’s habitat and their daily activities.

Bug Catching Kits

Butterfly Net

A great way to encourage kids to spend time outdoors is to send them on a bug hunt. Giving them all the tools they’ll need will make for a fun experience. There are several bug catching kits available online or you could put together a kit yourself. You’ll want to include an insect-friendly container, net, magnifying glass, tweezers, and a flashlight for night expeditions.


Stack of books

Books may not be a traditional toy, but they are still a great option for your little bookworm. Your kids can learn about bugs while enjoying an engaging story. You can even look for activity books with games, puzzles, and stickers. These are a fun way to sneak a little learning into their day.

Buggy Games


If you’re looking for a classic toy with a buggy twist, games are your best bet. There are quite a few games featuring their favorite creepy crawlies. Some can even help kids learn about colors and shapes. Whether your children like to be competitive or prefer working together, you’ll be able to find a buggy game for them to enjoy.

Bugs in the house are typically a no-go but exceptions can be made for toys. Bug-inspired toys are great for introducing kids to science and nature in a fun way. Which toy do you think your child would love? Let us know in the comments below!

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