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Can I Get Fleas from My Pet?

While fleas are typically associated with your furry family members, they can also cause problems for you. Fleas will bite humans, so it’s important to know if your pets can give you fleas and how to deal with these pests. Check out if your pet’s fleas can bug you and how to protect yourself from them.

Can Humans Get Fleas from Pets?

Dog in grass

Cat fleas and dog fleas are the fleas most likely to attack your pets. They live, feed, and lay eggs on their hosts. The fur on animals conceals them, giving them a safe place to live. Humans don’t provide fleas with this opportunity, which is why they can’t live on you. Humans can’t be a host for fleas, so technically your pets can’t give you fleas. However, fleas can still bite you. When fleas fall off of your pets, they have to find a food source. These pests can hop onto you and feed.  

How Did My Pets Get Fleas?

Dog walking in woods with man and child

Pets typically get fleas when they spend time near animals with a flea problem. This can occur at the dog park or if they go with you to a friend’s house. They can also be exposed to fleas while they’re outside in your yard. Wildlife passing through your yard may carry fleas with them. Sometimes you can unknowingly bring fleas into your home as well.

Signs of Fleas

Dog scratching itself

The easiest way to identify a flea infestation is spotting fleas on your pets or their bedding. These pests are small and have a dark body. You may notice them hopping around or moving on your pets. Your furry family members may also begin scratching or licking excessively because of flea bites. Bite marks on you and your pet can cause itchy, red spots. Flea bites on humans typically appear in clusters on ankles and feet. There may be a red halo around the bump.

How to Get Rid of Fleas

Bed Bug & Flea Killer

Once you identify a flea infestation, it’s important to act quickly. Fleas reproduce rapidly, leading to large infestations. We’ve made a list of tips to help you kick fleas out of your home.

  • Protect Your Pets: If your pets have fleas, you’ll want to talk to your veterinarian. They can help you come up with a treatment plan that’s best for your furry friend. You can also discuss preventative medicines to protect your pets from future infestations.
  • Groom Your Pets: Regularly giving your pets a bath can help with fleas. Scrubbing your pets can help to dislodge fleas from their fur. It’s also easier to spot fleas if your pets have clean fur. When pets spend time outside, you can brush them to help detect fleas.
  • Clean Up Your Yard: Your yard is an ideal place for fleas because it often contains hiding spots and shaded areas. Keeping your grass trimmed and removing yard debris can minimize attractants and help to prevent these pests.
  • Sweep & Vacuum: Sweeping and vacuuming can help to remove fleas and their eggs from your home. Be sure to empty the contents of the vacuum into a sealed bag that’s placed in an outdoor trash bin.
  • Use Pet-Friendly Insecticides: Our plant-based Bed Bug & Flea Killer spray kills fleas on contact and can be applied to pet beds and other areas where your pets hang out. Insecticide dusts, like our Bed Bug Killer and Spider & Insect Dust, provide long-lasting protection against fleas and other pests. While our products can be used where your pets spend time, they should not be applied to pets.

Having fleas in your home isn’t fun for you or your pets. Thankfully, there are things you can do to avoid a run-in with them. If you’re dealing with fleas or other pests, we’re here to help! For a more environmentally and family-friendly solution, check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products.

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