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Gifts for Bug Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for your family and friends is one of the joys of the holiday season. As you start filling stockings, consider adding a little bugginess to the holiday season. From games to gifts that inspire learning, there are many bug-inspired presents to give. We’ve made a list of gift ideas for the bug lovers in your life.

Insect Collecting Kit

Butterfly net

If your loved one likes hands-on experiences, an insect collecting kit is a great gift. These kits come with nets, a display case, and other tools needed to go on a bug hunt. Not only will they have a fun activity, they’ll also walk away with a keepsake to remember their bug adventure.

An Insect Collection

Insect Collection

While a bug hunt can be a fun experience, not everyone will want to go exploring. Instead, you can take the work out of bug hunting and give them their own insect collection. You can buy a set of bugs that are preserved in a clear block and perfect for displaying. Some kits come with a booklet so they’ll be able to learn more about each insect.

Bug-Inspired Home Décor

Butterfly Art

Not everyone wants to keep real insects in their home. For a more subtle approach, consider getting bug-inspired home decorations. Etsy has a variety of bug prints that can be hung around their home. From metal art pieces to bug figurines, there are plenty of options available to fit the style you need.

Books about Bugs

Stack of books

Books are always a great idea for the reading enthusiast in your life. Whether you’re looking for a fun tale or something geared towards learning, there are plenty of books about bugs. The best part about this gift is that they can go back and reread it anytime they want.

Bugs & Games


Showing your competitive side isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it’s during a family game night. Gift your family entomologist with a new game featuring their favorite creepy crawlies. Whether you want to try a new board game or go with a classic like playing cards, you can be sure this gift will be a fun one.

A Buggy Companion

Plush Caterpillar

Stuffed animals are always a favorite with kids. This year you can give them their very own plush bug. This is a great option to encourage their buggy hobby without inviting any real bugs into your home. From fuzzy spiders to colorful butterflies, you can choose the bug that’s best for your child.

Bug Dig Kit


For those who like to get their hands dirty, this bug dig kit is a great idea. The kit lets kids excavate their own dig site. It comes with a digging brick that kids can search through to find preserved insects. Once they discover their bug, they can learn about them in the guide that comes with it.

Buggy Apparel

Ladybug socks

If your bug enthusiast likes to showcase their love of bugs, you can always gift them with buggy apparel. There are a variety of stores that sell clothing items with bug-inspired designs and sayings. With so many options available, you can be sure to find the style that best fits your loved one.

Buggy Jewelry

Bee Pin

You can add a little sparkle to the holiday season with bug-inspired jewelry. Options range from rings and necklaces with simple bug designs to bolder statement pieces. If you’re looking for something truly unique, try jewelry that features a real bug. 

The holiday season is sure to be filled with fun with these bug-inspired presents. Whether you’re shopping for an adult or a child, there are plenty of ways to add a buggy twist to your gifts. Which of these ideas do you think your bug enthusiast would like best? Let us know in the comments below!

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