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How to Prevent Houseplant Pests

For those who prefer to enjoy nature from the comfort of their own home, a houseplant is the way to go. However, when bugs decide to come inside too, you’re left with a problem. No one wants to deal with uninvited pests, especially when they can hinder the health of your plants. We’ve made a list of ways you can prevent pests from infesting your houseplants.  

How to Prevent Houseplant Pests Infographic

Check for Pests

Aphids on plant

One of the best things you can do to keep houseplants safe is to check for pests. Whether your plant is new or coming inside for the winter, you’ll want to make sure bugs aren’t hiding on it. Don’t forget to examine under the leaves since this is a frequent gathering spot for bugs. If you’re bringing a plant in from outside, you may want to place it in a new pot to ensure the soil doesn’t have pests. It’s a good idea to isolate new plants for a few weeks when first bringing them into your home. Check them weekly to make sure they aren’t infested.

Keep Plants Healthy

Watering flowers

Making sure your plants are healthy will also help keep bugs away. Weakened plants are more likely to become infested than healthy plants. Each plant has specific needs so taking the time to do some research about your plant will allow you to take care of it. Know how much water and sunlight it needs. Your plants will let you know if they aren’t happy based on their appearance. If your plant is wilting or has dry leaves, there’s a good chance it needs more water. Yellowing or dropping leaves can indicate that your plant isn’t getting enough light.

Use Clean Soil & Pot

Flower pot with soil

The pot and soil act as a home for plants, so you’ll want to choose them carefully. Though soil from your backyard may seem like a good option, it could actually lead to an infestation. This soil is likely to have bugs crawling around it. Using this soil can quickly expose your plants to pests. It’s best to use fresh soil that has a better chance of not being contaminated. Make sure to give your plant a clean pot when bringing it home. Taking the time to wash the pot can help to keep bugs from taking over your plant.

Clean Your Plants

Trimming plants

Giving your plants a good cleaning can help to prevent pests. If your plants have smooth leaves, then water will be your best option. If your plants are large, gently wipe them off with a wet rag. If they are smaller, you can soak them in water for a few minutes. It’s best to avoid using water if your plants have fuzzy leaves. Instead, take a small brush and dust off the leaves. You’ll also want to remove any dead or yellowing leaves. Cleaning and trimming your plants every few weeks can help you avoid a pest infestation.

Seal Cracks & Crevices


Bugs are great at sneaking into your home even if they don’t hitch a ride on a plant. Houseplant pests can slip inside through small holes. This is why it’s so important to make sure cracks and crevices are sealed. Check the screens on your windows and doors and repair any tears. You’ll also want to make sure your weather stripping isn’t damaged. Keep your eyes open for any holes in your walls too. Use a caulk gun to fill these in to help keep bugs out of your home and off your plants.

Choose Pest-Repelling Plants


Though some plants are susceptible to pest infestations, there are plants that fight back. Certain plants have fragrances that repel bugs naturally. Adding a few of these plants to your plant collection could protect your other plants. Marigolds and chives are great options for keeping aphids away. Herbs, like basil and mint, are also known to repel various pests. Not only will they help keep your plants safe, these herbs are great additions to your recipes.


Taking a few precautionary measures can help you avoid pest infestations. It’s important to regularly check for pests and make sure your plants are as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, bugs sometimes slip inside. When this happens, we have your back! Our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ 3-in-1 Garden Spray is a great option to keep your plants pest-free. 

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