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5 Reasons Why You Have Stink Bugs in Winter

During winter, some pests relocate to a warmer spot. Unfortunately, stink bugs often find homes to be a cozy place to hide. Knowing what attracts stink bugs to your home can help you prevent their arrival. Check out five reasons why stink bugs are likely to invade your house this winter.

1. Shelter


Like most pests, stink bugs don’t enjoy being cold. When temperatures drop and there’s less daylight, stink bugs start looking for shelter. They gather on homes before slipping inside. Your house provides stink bugs with a warm and safe place to overwinter. They migrate to secluded, quiet areas of your home including attics, wall voids, and basements.

2. Other Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs

Sometimes stink bugs follow the crowd to your house. These pests release pheromones that alert other stink bugs to their location. This pheromone lets stink bugs know there’s a safe place to overwinter. Once a few stink bugs find your home, there’s a chance others will soon follow. This can lead to large numbers of stink bugs moving into your space. 

3. Light

Stink bug near window

Stink bugs are attracted to sources of light. At night, exterior lights can guide them to your house. They may also notice light seeping out from windows. Yellow-hued lights are less attractive than white bulbs, so consider changing up your lighting. Keeping your curtains and blinds closed in the evening and at night can help prevent these pests from showing up.

4. Food

Lettuce in garden

Stink bugs eat flowers, leaves, vegetables, and fruit. These pests may be attracted to food sources in your garden or home. Though stink bugs don’t eat while in diapause, a state of inactivity in winter, vegetation can bring them close to your house during warmer months. Once it gets cooler outside, these pests will have an easy escape route into your home.

5. Easy Access Points

Sealing crack with caulk

Stink bugs may find your house welcoming, but they can only invade if they find an entry point. These pests sneak into homes through small cracks, gaps, and holes. They typically enter through cracks near doors, windows, and your home’s foundation. Tears in screens can also provide them with a way inside. Regularly checking for and sealing openings can help to keep stink bugs away.

Just because your home is a warm escape from the cold, doesn’t mean you have to welcome stink bugs into your house. If you’re dealing with an invading bug army, we have your back! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products for a more environmentally and family-friendly solution.  

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