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How to Teach Kids About Bugs

While many people don’t enjoy the company of bugs, they are definitely interesting creatures. Bugs can be a great way to introduce kids to science. Whether you’re teaching your kids at home or have little ones asking buggy questions, diving into the world of bugs can be fun and educational with the right resources. We’ve made a list of ideas and resources to help you teach kids about bugs.

Topic Suggestions

Ladybug on leaf

When it comes to bugs, there’s a lot to learn. This can make it tricky knowing where to begin. Here are a few topics to help you kick-start your buggy adventures.  

Types of Bugs

Bugs vs. Insects

Anatomy of a Bug

Bug Habitats

Good vs. Bad Bugs

A Bug’s Life Cycle

Fun Bug Learning Activities

One of the best ways to introduce kids to a new idea is a hands-on activity. Check out some bug-themed projects that are not only educational but also fun.

Bug Book


Let your kids act like a researcher and keep a journal of the different bugs they discover. You can send them on a bug hunt outside, let them read a few books, or help them research online. Younger kids can draw pictures of bugs they find. Older kids could take it a step further and add interesting facts to their bug book.

A Buggy Mystery

Puzzle pieces

If your kids love a good mystery, you can always set up a bug-themed escape room. There are websites that provide you with puzzles and challenges that feature bug facts. It’s as easy as printing the resources out and setting up the game. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own. 

Bugs & Crafts

Art Supplies

There are many ideas online for art projects featuring insects. Cool Kiddy Stuff provides a list of 50 buggy crafts including a handprint butterfly and an ant puppet. You can also try pairing bug activities with math and reading lessons like this letter matching spider web. A simple and easy idea is printing out bug coloring sheets. This is a great option for little ones just starting their bug journey. 

Lesson Plans


The world of bugs is complex and there’s a lot to discover. Instead of just one or two bug activities, you can create lesson plans that will last days to weeks. Several online resources can help you map out your insect lessons.


Orkin has an educational section on their website that includes insect information, activities, and links to other resources. They even have a page dedicated to lesson plans for parents and teachers.

PestWorld for Kids

PestWorld has an entire website designed for kids to learn about bugs and insects. Not only do they have information that’s easy for kids to understand, they also have lesson plans with activities for kids. 


Scholastic is another great resource for educational material. They have a Going Bug-gy! teaching guide that breaks down daily learning activities. It incorporates reading and projects with modifications for different age ranges.

Other Resources


Whether you’re looking for books, videos, or websites, there are many options available. Try a few activities to see what your kids enjoy the most. Bug-themed books range from fiction to non-fiction, but they can all introduce kids to insects. Another option is having kids learn about insects from virtual zoos. The possibilities are endless and the important thing is giving your child a chance to discover something new.

Teaching your kids about bugs can be an easy and fun experience. The best part is that you can customize it to meet your child’s needs. What’s your favorite bug-themed learning activity? Let us know in the comments below!

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