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Does Weather Affect Maggie's Farm Outdoor Products?

Maggie’s Farm green pest control products are extremely effective at killing and repelling bugs in your home and your yard. The residual repellency of the plant oils we use can last for several weeks under normal conditions.

Yes, the weather does not only affect how many bugs you might experience throughout the year, it can also have an impact on the residual effectiveness of virtually any outdoor insecticide product, including Maggie’s Farm Lawn & Garden products. 

Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Yard Bug Spray

The required frequency of application of our products depends on several factors, including:

    • The size of the area of application
    • The type and severity of the pest problem you are trying to control
    • The moisture conditions and temperatures outdoors

As a rule of thumb, plan to apply Maggie’s Farm Lawn & Garden products more frequently if:

    • You are applying product to cover a large area
    • You are trying to control a large pest infestation 
    • Heavy rains occur after treatment
    • Temperatures are extremely hot 

It is important to remember that you can safely re-apply any of our outdoor products as needed.

Maggie’s Farm products do not persist in the environment or leach into groundwater, making them safer for the environment and your family when used as directed.


Bug Control Products for Lawn

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