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5 Things That Attract Silverfish

One pest that likes to make itself comfortable in your home is the silverfish. Unfortunately, several things in your house and yard could be attracting these pests. Understanding why silverfish are present can help you get rid of them. We’ve made a list of five things that can attract silverfish to your home.

1. Pantry Items

Pantry items in glass containers

Silverfish sneak into homes looking for their next meal. They eat proteins and carbohydrates, preferring starches and sugar. Food in your pantry, including flour, dried pasta, oats, and dried meats, can be a tasty treat for these pests. Silverfish can easily chew through boxes, so storing items in sealed containers can help keep these pests from snacking on your food.

2. Paper & Fabric

Silverfish eating paper

While silverfish like to eat your food, they also like to eat other items in your home. They are particularly fond of paper products like books, wallpaper, and cardboard boxes. They also eat the glue and paste. Silverfish like to eat fabric items too and are drawn to silk, cotton, and linen. Clothes, curtains, and bedding can become a meal for these pests.

3. Moisture

Water in dish outside

Damp, humid environments are ideal for silverfish. Moisture build-up in your yard or home can attract these pests. Leaky pipes, dripping faucets, clogged gutters, and standing water make these creepy crawlies happy. You’re likely to find silverfish in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and attics. Keeping your home as dry as possible can help keep silverfish away. 

4. Darkness


Silverfish are nocturnal pests and enjoy being in dark spaces. If they’re roaming around and a light gets switched on, they will often scurry away. During the day, silverfish hide in crevices and under items in your home and yard. Areas with minimal lighting, like garages, can be attractive to these pests. Adding lights to these spots can help to discourage silverfish.

5. Shelter

Silverfish on book

These pests look for safe places to hide in your yard and home. Outside, they hide under leaves, logs, and rocks. Once they make their way indoors, they search for warm and secluded spots. Clutter in your house can be inviting to these pests. They can also be found under and behind furniture. Sometimes they will slip into books, which also provides them with a food source. These pests are tiny and aren’t afraid to squeeze into cracks and crevices as well.

Silverfish may find your home welcoming, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them stay. Minimizing attractants is one of the best ways to avoid an infestation. If silverfish have invaded your home, we’re here to help! For a more environmentally and family-friendly solution, check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products.

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