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Where Are Bugs Hiding in Your Home?

Where do bugs hide in your home? Cockroaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, etc. invade homes regularly, so if you want to keep those unwelcome guests out of your home, it helps to know why bugs come inside and where to look for them.

Bugs are quite sneaky, as you've probably discovered by now. In their never-ending search for water, food, and shelter they take any… and every opportunity to get into your home, using cracks, crevices, holes, gaps, windows, doors, etc. Once they do manage to get inside, it is not always easy to figure out where the bugs are hiding.

Here are some of the top preferred indoor hiding places for common household bugs:

Where Do Bugs Hide in Your Home?

Bugs in Your Kitchen and Pantry

Cockroaches, ants, and other pests love your kitchen because there is access to plenty of food and water. Spiders sometimes find their way into your kitchen while hunting for those pests who are looking for this food and water supply.

You can frequently find them inside cabinets where food is stored, as well as under sinks where there’s usually a bit of moisture from drain pipes, as well as crumbs, possibly a trash can, and the garbage disposal unit. Appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, toasters, and toaster ovens are also popular hangouts for some bugs, particularly roaches, as they are attracted by the warmth they provide, along with food particles.

How to get rid of bugs in your kitchen and pantry:

  • Minimize food sources such as crumbs, empty drink and food containers, and pet food bowls.
  • Clean up spills and messes, and keep your sink free of dirty dishes as much as possible by washing them promptly. 
  • Keep your trash can covered tightly, and take it outside regularly.
  • Make sure screens and door sweeps are in good repair and fit tightly. Seal cracks and crevices around windows, corners, floorboards, etc.
  • Keep an effective home bug spray on hand to spot treat the bugs that you do see out in the open. You can also put down ant bait stations near places where you've seen ant activity and near where you see them coming into the house (this will help take care of the source of the ants: their colony!).

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Bugs in Your Bathrooms and Laundry Room

The warmth and moisture in bathrooms and laundry rooms make them ideal places for bugs (especially cockroaches) to take refuge. Favorite hiding places include underneath toilets and sinks, underneath, between, and behind washers and dryers, in and around ducts, vents, etc. 

How to get rid of bugs in your bathrooms and laundry room:

  • Repair leaky faucets
  • Keep wet clothes and towels up off the floor
  • Caulk up cracks, holes, and crevices, especially underneath sinks and toilets, floorboards, thresholds, etc.
  • Try a good ant and roach spray for spot treating roaches, ants, and other bugs that you might see. You might also try an effective roach killer gel bait for longer-term control

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Bugs in Your Attic, Basement, Crawl Space, Closets, etc.

Because they don't see a lot of traffic, these out-of-the-way storage areas are bug favorites for hiding and building nests, webs, etc. (especially roaches, silverfish, and spiders).

Cockroaches, in particular, prefer cool, dark corners, as well as floor drains and sump pumps that produce plenty of moisture, while spiders seek out quiet, dry spaces. Check for spiders in crevices, boxes, inside shoes and baseball mitts, and inside hanging clothes. Inspect behind boxes, stored furniture, and in hollow spaces like wall voids, underneath stairs, and in rafters for bugs.

How to get rid of bugs in your attic, basement, crawlspace, closets, etc.:

  • Get rid of trash and clutter
  • Recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, etc.
  • Vacuum and sweep away spider webs and egg sacs
  • Seal cracks, holes, and openings with caulk, spackle, or spray foam
  • For long term protection against spiders and other insects, try a good spider and insect dust.

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Bugs in Your Bedroom

Bed bugs are probably the best-known bedroom pests, but other home invaders, like fleas, cockroaches, ants, and spiders are also prone to show up in the areas where you sleep. And you don't want pests anywhere near your bed, do you?

How to get rid of bugs in your bedroom:

  • Keep your room clean of clutter
  • Seal up windows and other possible entry points
  • Keep your bedding washed and dry on highest heat setting
  • Check and treat your pets for fleas and ticks
  • Treat your bed, box spring, mattress, bed frame, headboard, etc. with a reliable bed bug killer.

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Now that you’re becoming an expert on the crafty ways bugs hide and sneak around your home, you can help prevent them better. And you know what preventive maintenance to do to keep them out. If you suspect you might have an infestation on your hands, be sure to contact a pest control company! 

What are your go-to tips for keeping bugs at bay in your home? We want to hear them! Leave us a comment below!


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