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Why Do I Have Ants?

When ants show up in your house, it’s not just because they love your design choices. These pests are on a mission to find food, water, and shelter. Being able to identify attractants will make it easier to eliminate an infestation. Check out a few reasons why ants are in your house.

Ants Found Food

Ants eating crumbs

Foraging worker ants often enter homes in search of something to eat. Some species prefer sweets while others prefer protein-based foods, though most aren’t picky eaters and will take what they can find. Crumbs, spills, and sticky residues on jars can attract these pests. Greasy spots on counters or stovetops can also provide ants with a snack. If items in your pantry aren’t properly sealed, ants may slip into them.

Ants Found Water

Water in sink

Excess moisture in your home can be attractive to ants. These pests need water, and worker ants can carry it back to the nest to share with the colony. Ants are tiny, so a small amount of water can lead to their arrival. Leaky pipes, dripping faucets, and water spills can cause ants to show up. Pay attention to areas prone to moisture build-up including kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Ants Found Shelter

Carpenter ant

Your home can provide ants with the shelter they need. Messy rooms and clutter can give ants places to hide. Ants can also head indoors because of weather conditions. If it’s too hot or too wet, ants may sneak into your house. Some ants, like carpenter ants, build nests in wood. If you have damp or rotting wood in your home, these ants may turn your space into a construction site.

Ants Found a Way Inside

Gap in foundation

Several things can attract ants to your home, but they still have to find a way inside. Ants can enter your home through small holes, cracks, and gaps. Torn window and door screens and damaged weatherstripping can give ants access to your house. Sealing potential entry points is one of the best ways to prevent an infestation.

Ants Followed Other Ants

Ant trail

Sometimes ants follow each other into homes. When an ant finds food, it releases pheromones that can help it find its way back. Not only can this cause ants to return to your house, it can also lead other ants to your home as well. Ants can detect these pheromones and follow the trail right into your house. 

If ants have found food, water, or shelter, they may be tempted to stick around. Bug-proofing your home can help to keep ants away. If pests have invaded your space, we’re here to help! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products for a more environmentally and family-friendly solution.

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