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Why Are Bugs Active in the Summer?

It wouldn’t be summer if there weren’t a few bugs crawling around outside. Though insects emerge in the spring, many are more active during the summer. Like some people, bugs feel that summer is the best time of the year. This is because summertime offers them with the environmental conditions they need to thrive. Check out why bugs are active in the summer.

Why Are Bugs Active in the Summer Infographic

Warm Temperatures

Sunny day

Bugs believe one of the best things about summer is the rising temperature. The warmth offered by summer gives bugs energy. Insects are ectothermic which means that they can’t regulate their body temperature. Instead, external temperatures affect their body temperature. During the summer, insects are receiving plenty of heat to keep their body warm. This allows them to be active. Their metabolism is also boosted during this time, which means they will require more food. Since they are actively searching for food, you are more likely to see them.

Access to Food

Bugs on watermelon slice

The rise in bug activity can also be linked to the availability of food. During summer months, flowers and vegetation are plentiful. This is perfect for hungry insects that feed on plants and their nectar. The abundance of fresh produce also helps summer insects, like fruit flies, who lay eggs on fruits and vegetables. The increased activity of some bugs can be beneficial for other species too. Insects, like ladybugs and praying mantises, are predators who feed on other insects. The increase in activity of bugs, like aphids and ants, allows predators easy access to prey.

Their Life Cycle

Trail of ants

Though bugs thrive in the summer, they aren’t able to ignore the cooler weather that will come. Summer months provide insects with the chance to prepare their colony for the harsh winter months. This results in insect colonies working to increase their population, which they can do quickly. A warm environment increases the rate of development in insects. Eggs that hatched during the spring can develop quickly into adults. This means a new generation of insects is out and could be running around in your yard.  

Summer Showers

Rain boots and umbrella

A rainstorm can be refreshing on a hot summer day and bugs won’t disagree. Like humans, insects need water to survive. The summer offers the potential for rainfall and a humid environment. This is perfect for bugs who don’t do well in dry conditions. Many bugs will actually make their way inside if a climate is too dry. Moisture is also extremely important for a common summer pest—the mosquito. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in areas with shallow water. Summer showers guarantee that these pesky bugs will be able to reproduce.

Increased Daylight

Sunny day backyard

Days are longer in the summer, and bugs are thankful for it. Though you may use the extra sunshine to spend time by the pool, bugs use it to help them with daily tasks like eating. Many bugs search for food during the day. Having a little more light each day gives them a longer timeframe to find food. It also doesn’t help that insect species are active at different times of the day. Mosquitoes are most likely to be out in the morning and at dusk. However, stinging insects, like paper wasps, are most active during the day. Since bugs can be spotted throughout the day, their activity levels may seem to increase.   

Many people count down the days to summer for a wide range of reasons. The same is true for summer insects. Not one summer element is responsible for the increase in bug activity. These elements all work together to make summer the perfect season for insects. If bugs have invaded your yard this summer, we want to help! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective Pest Control products.

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