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Green Living: Greener Ways to Home Decor

A nicely decorated space is a way to beautify your home and also a way you can show off your own style and personality. It's your unique energy going into making your house feel like home.

If green living is a priority to you, there are some things you may want to consider in regard to your home decor, besides just your budget. Here are some ideas to help you keep things green as you're adding your own personal flare to your home. Keep in mind that eco-friendly materials may cost a bit more than their synthetic counterparts, but they also last you longer.

Decorating One Room at a Time

You don't have to decorate your entire home all at once (most people don't due to budget constraints). Decorate one room at a time, with a separate budget for each room. "Minimalist" decor is not only aesthetically appealing, it is also cost-effective, and an easy way to keep your space tidy with less effort.  

Your Color Palette

Make your decorating even easier by choosing a color palette to create a mood for each room. Include items that inspire a specific look you may be going for, that complement the colors from your palette, and your theme if you have one. Also, remember, it doesn’t have to be 100 percent perfect! Have some fun with your decorating project (and with your significant other and family if they want to play along) and take some time to really think through each room and really make your home "yours." 

Handmade Items

Handmade items are always a great way to liven up your space's appearance. Shopping local when you can is a good way to decorate greener.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Natural materials for furniture, such as bamboo, are always a better choice than any plastics. Furniture is better yet when you can find furniture that doesn't have chemical finishes. Animal-friendly furniture (non-leather) is also a good, green way to go. 

Go Plastic-free

Speaking of eco-friendly materials, there are always ways to creatively decorate in an eye-pleasing way, without the use of plastics. Start with using glass containers over plastic or tins.  

Non-Toxic Paints

Paints with lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are always a good way to decorate. Non-toxic paints are even better. 

Eco-Friendly Fibers

For towels, sheets, curtains, etc., consider purchasing items made with natural (and even better, organic) fibers. Fibers made from bamboo or hemp are good examples, and they are also very durable. 

Sheer Curtains

By using semi-transparent curtains to let plenty of light in through your windows, you can save significantly on your electric bill, while reducing your eco-footprint. Semi-transparent curtains allow natural light in to brighten your rooms during the day.

Non-toxic Floors

Not everyone has hardwood floors, but they are much more "green" than carpeting (synthetic carpet exudes chemicals that you may not want to be inhaling). If you do go with non-carpet flooring, opt for such materials as bamboo, linoleum, glass tiles, wool carpet, and reclaimed hardwood.


Plants are an obvious and excellent way to green up a home. As it fits with your decorating theme, try repurposing various types of objects to use as planters: bowls, pans, aquariums, old coffee pots, etc. You can keep the plants of your friends and family living on by asking them for clippings from their own plants. How green is that?  

Soy Candles

Candles make wonderful additions to a space's ambience, and non-toxic/eco-friendly candles are even better. High-quality soy candles do not emit toxins, and they last much longer than regular candles. 

Repurposing Furniture and Other Items

Repurposing home items is a great way to "keep it green." Consider items for your space from local thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets, where you can find just about anything you need for your decorating ideas, including real wood furniture, and handmade and vintage items.   

Garage Sale

You don't need to discard your home furnishings as you redecorate. Have a garage sale, instead! You'll know that your familiar home items are getting a good home. 

What are your best green home decor tips? Leave us a comment below! 



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