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Spring Cleaning To Prevent Bugs

We all love to go out and explore our town, but sometimes you just need to stay in. While curling up on your couch is nice, extra time at home makes for the perfect excuse to get some cleaning done. Taking the time to straighten your home will help eliminate germs and the likelihood of pests sneaking inside. We’ve compiled some tips for cleaning spaces frequently populated by bugs in and around your home. 



The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, so it’s not surprising that people spend so much time there. Unfortunately, bugs take advantage of this. Your yummy dinner can leave behind crumbs and food residue that quickly attracts bugs. It’s important to clean up all crumbs and to wash dirty dishes. You’ll want to pull out the broom and mop to give the floors a thorough clean. Don’t forget to wipe down counter tops, cabinet door handles, and appliances with a disinfectant wipe. You’ll fight germs and get rid of food residue that bugs can’t resist. Taking the time to organize your pantry by storing food in sealed containers will keep your food fresh and keep bugs away.



It may not be the room you want to clean, but you don’t want to ignore it. Bugs love moisture and the bathroom checks that box. Run your faucet to ensure water isn’t seeping out and make sure your pipes aren’t leaking. If you notice any loose spots, grab that wrench from your toolbox and tighten it. Bugs can’t survive long without water, so this a great way to prevent them from moving in. Give the shower and bathtub a good scrub and don’t forget to wash the shower curtain. Bring the disinfectant wipes with you and wipe down the counters, faucet handles, and the doorknob. Since your mop is already out, it won’t take too much longer to give the floors a good cleaning.

Living Room

Living Room

The temptation may be strong to plop on the couch, but we’re cheering you on to keep cleaning. When we choose to eat and watch our favorite shows, crumbs are brought into the living room. You’ll want to sweep and mop to make sure there’s nothing for bugs to nibble on. If you have carpet or a rug, it’s time to pull out the vacuum. Once you finish the floors, you’ll want to vacuum the furniture. Not only will you remove any hidden crumbs, you’ll also take care of any bugs that managed to slip in between the cracks. Bed bugs especially love to slip into small crevices on furniture. You’ll want to do the same thing to your bedroom furniture as well. It also wouldn’t hurt to wipe down the remote and coffee tables with disinfectant wipes. This will get rid of sticky residue and help keep germs from spreading.


Cardboard Boxes in Home

It’s no surprise that the basement ends up becoming the perfect place to store things. However, clutter is just what bugs want. Having a bunch of stuff laying around creates plenty of hiding spaces for insects. The best thing you can do is organize your stuff. Go through your piles and see what you really want or what you would be willing to let go. The things that you’d like to hang on to should be placed in sealed containers. If you have the option, plastic containers are better than cardboard boxes. Some bugs, like cockroaches and silverfish, enjoy hiding in cardboard as well as eating it. Stick with plastic bins to make it harder for them to slip inside.



If you’re craving a little bit of fresh air, your cleaning can follow you outside. Your gutters probably could use some attention. Cleaning them now will mean they work properly when you need them to get the job done. It also eliminates the chance of standing water. Some bugs, especially mosquitoes, thrive in and near water. In fact, mosquitoes search for these water spots to lay their eggs. If you notice any damaged screens, you’ll want to patch them up to keep bugs from coming inside. Make sure there aren’t any bushes or branches touching your house. Bugs love to use these to gain entrance to your home. Since your outside anyway, you may want to wash out your trashcans. Even if you use a bag, crumbs accumulate and we know bugs can’t resist your cooking.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Prevent Bugs infographic

Cleaning isn’t typically what people choose to do for fun. However, it can help to protect your home from germs and bugs. Staying in and taking care of your house is one of the best ways to prevent bugs from sneaking inside. So roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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