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Nuisance Flying Insects: House Flies, Gnats, & Moths

Maggie's Farm Flying Insect KillerControl Strategy

Maggie’s Farm Flying Insect Killer will kill nuisance flying insects both inside and outside of the home. Simply follow the instructions on the product label. 

It is best to spray larger flying insects when they are at rest and in relatively close range; when spraying insects that are in flight, it may take a little extra effort to hit them with enough of the spray to take them down. If they are only hit with a small amount of spray, they may not be knocked down immediately and may take longer to die. Be sure to wipe away any excess spray residues when applied indoors. Try to minimize things outside the house that attract flies – keep garbage sealed up and pet waste cleaned up – and spray garbage and pet areas with Flying Insect Killer to help repel flies. Use yellow “bug lights” or minimize night time light directly in front of doors and open windows.