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Cockroach Control Checklist

Before you start applying roach baits and sprays to control cockroaches, follow our checklist to improve your success in eliminating roaches fast.

Clean Up Food Spills/Crumbs and Get Rid of Leaks. Cockroaches can show up in even the cleanest of homes, but the best thing you can do to keep them out of your house is to practice consistent sanitation. Regularly clean and wipe up spills in your kitchen and bathroom, and especially in areas where you've seen cockroach activity. Make sure all leaky faucets and pipes are repaired.

Spilled coffee

No Clutter. Want to get rid of cockroaches (and other pests) in your home? Get rid of old boxes, papers, stacks of magazines and newspapers. This is a good opportunity to get into the habit of recycling if you don't already! Clean up clutter in your laundry room, garage, basement, etc. The fewer places roaches can hide, the more quickly we'll be able to get rid of them.


A Good, Thorough Clean. It's always a good time of year for a good "Spring Cleaning." If your cockroach problem seems serious enough, you may consider removing everything from your cabinets, pantry, cupboard, etc., including any paper linings, and thoroughly wiping everything down inside with hot soap and water. Once shelves are and cabinets are dry, replace the lining and any items removed.


No Dishes in the Sink. Wash your dishes immediately after each meal. Food left over on dishes, pots, pans, and silverware piled in the sink are a goldmine find for cockroaches. If you eat food that roaches have touched, you can get sick, so store leftovers in sealed plastic containers or zipper-type storage bags.


Take out the Trash. Use trash cans with tight-fitting lids, and if possible, avoid keeping trash receptacles under the kitchen sink. Take your trash out often (daily, if possible) in sealed plastic garbage bags.


Rinse all Containers. Rinse food and beverage containers before throwing them away.


Try an Effective Cockroach Bait with a Good Roach Spray as Backup. Cleanliness won't be the only thing that will keep roaches at bay, though it will help significantly to get rid of cockroaches in your home. Strategically apply an effective cockroach gel bait, like Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Roach Killer Gel Bait, to areas where you've seen roach activity, or where roaches might be active (in the corners of cupboards, cabinets, drawers, etc.). Cockroaches will find the bait, consume it, and go back to their nests. When they die (usually within 24 hours), other roaches will eat them (and their droppings), and will also die. You might also want to keep a good cockroach spray on hand, like Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Ant & Roach Killer spray, to spot treat for the roaches you can see.

Click here to download and print our Cockroach Control Checklist.

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