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Cockroach Control Checklist

Cockroaches like to sneak into homes. When this happens, you’ll want to act quickly and efficiently. Having a plan is always best when dealing with a cockroach problem. Preventative methods combined with green pest control products can help to keep cockroaches out of your home. We’ve made a list of tips to help you get rid of these pesky pests.

Clean Up Crumbs & Spills

Spilled coffee

Cockroaches can show up in the cleanest of homes, but practicing consistent sanitation is the best thing you can do to keep them away. Regularly clean up crumbs and spills. Sweep, vacuum, and mop to ensure you don’t miss any crumbs or sticky residues. Take the time to wipe down countertops and stoves.  

Get Rid of Leaks

Leaky faucet

Cockroaches love to live in damp areas. To avoid attracting cockroaches, ensure your home is as dry as possible. Check your pipes and appliances for leaks. Repair dripping faucets. Examine your home for areas where moisture tends to build. Adding fans or dehumidifiers can help to reduce moisture. Make sure bathroom fans are working properly. 

Remove Clutter


Clutter provides cockroaches with hiding spots. Get rid of old boxes and stacks of paper. Pick up piles of clothes. Go through any messy areas and organize your things. If there are items you don’t need anymore, consider donating them. When storing items, use plastic bins with lids. The fewer places cockroaches can hide, the quicker you’ll be able to get rid of them.

Do A Thorough Clean


Don’t wait until spring to deep clean your home. Use soap and water to clean the outside of your cabinets. Pull out your items and wipe down the shelves. Make sure you clean under and behind appliances. Consider placing your pantry items in sealed containers since cockroaches can chew through food packaging.

Don’t Leave Dishes in the Sink


Wash your dishes immediately after each meal. Cockroaches will happily snack on food left over on dishes, pots, pans, and silverware. Don’t wait too long to run your dishwasher since cockroaches can slip inside of them. You’ll also want to make sure pieces of food aren’t left in the sink.

Take Out the Trash


Cockroaches aren’t afraid to eat food found in your trash bin. You’ll want to use trash bins with tight-fitting lids. When possible, avoid keeping trash cans under the kitchen sink. Take your trash out often in sealed plastic garbage bags. Before placing food and beverage containers in the trash or recycling bin, rinse them out.

Use a Plant-Based Insecticide Spray

Ant & Roach Killer

Keeping your home clean will help to deter cockroaches. However, if you’re dealing with an infestation, you’ll need some backup. A plant-based insecticide spray can help keep cockroaches away. Our Ant & Roach Killer kills cockroaches on contact and provides you with residual repellency. The repellent properties will help to deter cockroaches from returning.

Use a Cockroach Bait

Roach Killer Gel Bait

Baits can also help with cockroach problems. Our Roach Killer Gel Bait attacks the source of an infestation providing longer-lasting results. Cockroaches eat the bait and return to the nest. When they die, other cockroaches eat them or their droppings, exposing them to the bait. This can help to eliminate an infestation. The bait can be applied to areas where you have seen cockroaches or where they are likely to be active.

Finding a cockroach in your home can be unsettling. Following our checklist can help you kick these pests out of your house. If you’re dealing with a bug problem, we have your back! For a more environmentally and family-friendly solution, check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products.

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