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FAQs: Plant-Based Pest Control

When bugs take over your space, you need to find an effective solution. One option is to use plant-based pest control products. It’s important to understand how these products work and the benefits of using them. We’ve answered common questions about plant-based pest control.

What is Plant-Based Pest Control?

Essential oils

When battling a bug infestation, there are many pesticides available to help you. These products are typically formulated with different active ingredients. Some pesticides are made with synthetic or man-made chemicals. Others are formulated with ingredients that can be found in nature. Our plant-based insecticides contain plant essential oils.

Do Plant-Based Insecticides Work?

Yes. Plant-based insecticides work well against pests. Some plants naturally repel pests with their fragrance. This repellency remains even when oils are extracted from plants. When correctly combined, essential oils can effectively control pests. Plant-based insecticides provide quick knockdown and residual repellency. Even though essential oils are natural, they’re still potent against bugs.

What Are the Benefits of Plant-Based Pest Control?

Yard Bug Spray & Home Bug Spray

Plant-based insecticides offer several benefits.

  • Quick Kill & Residual Repellency: Plant-based insecticides kill pests on contact. They also provide residual repellency. The repellent properties provide extended protection, acting as a barrier that helps to keep pests out.
  • Family Friendly: Compared to synthetic chemicals, plant essential oils have low toxicity. Many of our plant-based products are considered minimum risk by the EPA. The residual repellency isn’t harmful to humans or pets. When used as directed, the products are safe to use near children and pets.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Plant-based insecticides don’t leave behind harmful residues. They break down within 48 hours, so they won’t linger in the environment or pollute it.
  • Minimal Risk to Beneficial Insects: As long as beneficial insects aren’t sprayed directly, they won’t be killed. The residuals will only repel beneficial insects and not harm them.
  • Natural Fragrance: Many of the essential oils found in our products are also used in your favorite recipes. The use of oils, including thyme, cinnamon, and peppermint oil, provides a natural, fresh scent.

Are Plant-Based Insecticides Safe to Use?

When used as directed, plant-based insecticides are safe to use around children and pets. The active and inert ingredients are approved as food additives or classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

It’s important to note that cats aren’t the biggest fans of certain essential oils, especially wintergreen oil. Using a plant-based product as directed shouldn’t cause any problems. However, it’s always best to test a small area first. Never apply products directly to your pets. If your cat has a poor health status, we don’t recommend using products with wintergreen oil.

Always read label directions and precautions prior to use.

Why Do Some Maggie’s Farm Products Have a Fragrance?


The natural plant oils give our Maggie’s Farm products their fragrance. Cinnamon, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass, clove, and wintergreen oil are a few of the essential oils we use. These plant oils are used in other consumer products for fragrance and flavoring purposes. Maggie’s Farm products are formulated to make the fragrance as pleasant, soft, and non-lingering as possible.

Some people may be more sensitive to fragrances than others. We recommend test spraying a small area before using the product in a larger area indoors. It’s important to remember that the fragrance isn’t harmful and generally dissipates shortly after use.

How Long Does the Fragrance of Maggie’s Farm Indoor Products Linger?

The longevity of the fragrance indoors depends on several factors:

  • The amount of product sprayed. You don’t want to overapply any insecticide product.
  • If the product was applied to any absorbent material like carpets, rugs, or upholstery.
  • The relative humidity inside. The fragrance will dissipate slower in areas with high humidity.
  • The amount of air circulation in the area sprayed. Without much air circulation, the fragrance will persist longer.

If you find that the fragrance is too strong, there are several things you can do to minimize it:

  • Ventilate the room by opening a window or using fans to circulate the air.
  • Clean up any excess material including residues on hard surfaces.
  • Use absorbent materials, like baking soda, to pull up any remaining product on carpets, rugs, fabric items, or upholstered furniture.
  • You can also use an enzymatic product or an odor-counteracting product.

Plant-based insecticides can help to keep your home free of pests. Understanding how pest control products work can help you be prepared for when bugs show up. If pests are bugging you, we have your back! For a more environmentally and family-friendly solution, check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products.


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