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Is Pest Control Pet Friendly?

Pets are family and their safety and well-being is always a priority. Keeping your home pest-free shouldn’t interfere with your pet’s health. We’ve gathered information about pet-friendly pest control to help keep your home bug-free and your pets happy.

What is Pet-Friendly Pest Control?

Pomeranian dogs

When choosing a pest control product, you want to find a solution that’s not only effective, but one you feel good about using near your family members. Pay attention to the ingredients listed on labels. Active ingredients need to fight bugs, but have a lower toxicity in relation to humans and pets. Products formulated with natural plant essential oils are a more family-friendly solution. 

Are Maggie’s Farm Products Pet-Friendly?

Maggie's Farm Spider & Insect Dust, Ant Killer Bait, and Flying Insect Killer

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies our Maggie’s Farm plant-based insecticides as minimum risk, which means they pose little or no threat to humans or the environment. Natural plant essential oils have a lower toxicity compared to synthetic chemicals. While they are potent to bugs, they are safe to use around humans and pets when used as directed. Residues aren’t harmful to your furry family members and they won’t linger in the environment. Our mineral-based baits and dust are a more family-friendly solution when used as directed.

Some plant oils can be problematic for cats including wintergreen oil. They don’t metabolize certain essential oils like other mammals. Avoid applying products in areas where cats frequent. Our Home Bug Spray, Ant & Roach Killer, Yard Bug Spray, Mosquito Fogger, Flying Insect Killer, and Spider & Insect Dust contain wintergreen oil.

Best Practices for Pet-Friendly Pest Control

Maggie's Farm 3-in-1 Garden Spray

Here are a few tips to keep your pets happy when treating for bugs.

  • Always follow label directions.
  • Don’t spray pets with pesticides.
  • Remove your pet’s food and water bowls before applying pesticides.
  • Remove or cover bird cages, aquariums, and terrariums before spraying insecticides.
  • Give the area time to dry before letting your pets return to it.
  • Wipe up any excess liquid after spraying insecticides.
  • Some pets may be more sensitive to the fragrance of plant-based insecticides. It’s always best to test in a small area first.
  • Place baits stations or bait placements in areas where pets can’t easily access them.

How to Protect Your Pets from Pests

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Pests don’t just bug us, they can bother your pets too. Check out a few tips to protect your furry family members from pests.

  • Bug-Proof Your Home: Taking the time to bug-proof your space can help keep your pets safe. Seal entry points and remove things that could attract pests.
  • Check for Pests: Check your pets regularly for signs of ticks and fleas. It will be easier to eliminate a pest problem if you catch it early.
  • Give Your Pets Baths: Regularly bathing your pet can make it easier to spot pests in their fur. It can also help to remove any bugs that have hitched a ride on your pet.
  • Trim Vegetation: Bugs love to hide in tall grass and vegetation. Mow your grass regularly and trim your plants, shrubs, and bushes.
  • Check in with Your Veterinarian: Your pet’s veterinarian can help you determine the best method for preventing and treating bug problems.

Pest control can be effective while still being pet-friendly. If you’re dealing with a bug problem, we have your back! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products for a more environmentally and family-friendly solution.


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