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How to Get Rid of Clover Mites

It’s hard to imagine a bug invasion in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, not all bugs will wait until summer to show up in your home and yard. Some pests, like the clover mite, prefer the cool temperatures of early spring. We’ve gathered information to help you prevent and eliminate a clover mite infestation. 

What are Clover Mites?

Clover mites on leaf

If you’ve ever spotted tiny, bright red pests in your home, there’s a chance they were clover mites. These arachnids are very small, measuring less than 1mm in length. Clover mites are most active in early spring and fall when temperatures are cool. They don’t enjoy cold or hot temperatures and will migrate indoors on hot summer days and in the fall to prepare for winter. These pests aren’t dangerous, but they can be a nuisance. They multiply quickly, which can lead to large infestations. Household items can be damaged from the red stains these pests leave behind when crushed.   

Preventing Clover Mites

It’s always best to prevent a pest infestation rather than having to fight an invading bug army. Check out 5 tips for keeping clover mites out of your home and yard.

1. Don’t Over-Fertilize The Lawn

Fertilizing lawn

Clover mites are attracted to lawns that are well fertilized. Make sure you aren’t adding too much fertilizer to your yard. 

2. Proper Plant Placement

Plants in yard

When adding plants to your yard be careful to not place them too close to your home. Clover mites can easily crawl from vegetation onto your house. It’s best to leave a two-foot space between your plants and your home’s foundation.

3. Create A Barrier


Placing materials, like gravel and woodchips, around your home can help keep clover mites away. They prefer to crawl through plants and are less likely to try to navigate other materials.

4. Seal Cracks & Gaps

Sealing gap in siding

Clover mites enter homes through small cracks. Examine your home for any holes that need to be sealed. You’ll want to pay close attention to areas near windows, doors, and your house’s foundation.  

5. Repair Screens

Window screen

Check the screens on your doors and windows. If they are damaged, you’ll need to repair or replace them. You’ll also want to make sure that the screens fit tightly to help ensure bugs stay out.

Treating a Clover Mite Infestation

If you find yourself dealing with a clover mite infestation, there are a few things you can do. Tackling both indoor and outdoor spaces will help with long-lasting control.

Outdoor Treatment

Yard Bug Spray

Before clover mites enter your home, they will have spent time in your yard. They receive the nutrients they need by feeding on plants and grass. While a few clover mites won’t harm plants, large groups can damage grass. If you find clover mites gathering on the side of your house, you can rinse them away with a hose. Applying a natural, plant-based insecticide spray, like Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective Yard Bug Spray, to your lawn can help control clover mite populations too. You can also spray plants with our 3-in-1 Garden Spray. Not only do these sprays kill on contact, they also have repellent properties. This can help prevent pests from entering your yard and sneaking into your home.

Indoor Treatment

Spider & Insect Dust

If these pests make their way inside, you don’t want to crush them. This can result in red stains that can be difficult to remove. Instead, you can vacuum up these pests. Using a small nozzle attachment can help you reach the cracks and crevices where clover mites hide. Make sure to empty the contents into a sealed bag and remove it from your home. You can also remove clover mites with a wet rag, being careful not to smash them. Using an insecticide dust, like our Spider & Insect Dust, can help eliminate an infestation. It will kill pests quickly and can provide you with long-lasting protection.  

It’s never too early to start taking steps to protect your home from uninvited pests. Taking a few preventative measures can help keep your home pest-free. If you’re dealing with a pest-problem, we want to help! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective Pest Control products for a more environmentally and family-friendly solution.

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