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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping

Whether you enjoy hiking through the woods or hanging out around a campfire, camping is a fun activity. Unfortunately, spending time outside increases the likelihood of bumping into a hungry mosquito. These pesky bugs shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your time outside. Check out a few tips for keeping mosquitoes away on your next camping trip.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping

Choose Your Campsite Carefully

Tent in woods

Mosquito prevention starts long before you start setting up your tent. Some areas are more likely to house mosquitoes than other spots. You’ll want to choose a campsite that isn’t close to standing water including lakes or ponds. Mosquitoes love moisture and breed in standing water. A sunny location can also help ensure your campsite dries quickly after rainfall.

Start a Campfire


It’s hard to imagine a camping trip without toasting marshmallows over a fire. The good news is that your campfire will also help keep mosquitoes away. The smoke the fire produces will deter mosquitoes and other bugs from hanging around your campsite. 

Cover Up

 Woman camping

It’s important to choose the right clothing when spending time outside. Lightweight pants and long-sleeved shirts can help protect you from mosquito bites. Make sure to cover up during dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. Opt for one of your lighter colored shirts since mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing.

Avoid Strong Fragrances

Mosquito on flower

We all have our favorite scents and so do bugs. Mosquitoes are attracted to sweet and floral scented things. Body odor can also make it easier for them to find you. When camping, you’ll want to use unscented hygiene products. This will help to keep mosquitoes away from you.

Use Mosquito Netting

Mosquito screen

Creating a physical barrier around you and your campsite is a great option for a mosquito-free trip. A mosquito screen room allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about bug bites. You can also make your own canopy using mosquito netting and poles.

Avoid Too Much Light


Some bugs, including mosquitoes, are attracted to light. They use light to help them navigate and to find food. When possible, limit how often you turn on artificial lights. Don’t forget to turn lanterns and flashlights off when you are done using them.

Use a Natural Mosquito Repellent

Natural Insect Repellent

Some plant essential oils are known to naturally repel bugs including mosquitoes. That’s why we use them in our Natural Insect Repellent. Not only will it help keep mosquitoes away, but it also repels ticks and flies. Plus, it’s an environmentally and family-friendly solution. For best results, we recommend applying every two hours or as needed.

Camping trips are supposed to be fun and relaxing. They’re not supposed to leave you worrying about bug bites. Taking a few preventative measures can help ensure your campsite stays mosquito-free. If bugs are giving you a fit, we want to help! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products.

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