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5 Ways to Prevent a Mosquito Infestation

Nobody wants mosquitoes crashing their fun, but these pests don’t always get the hint. A mosquito infestation can be hard to control once it breaks out, which is why you want to prevent their arrival. Check out a few tips to keep mosquitoes from bugging you.

Mosquitoes 101

Mosquito on arm

Mosquitoes thrive in warm and humid environments. They become active when temperatures are above 50°F, but they prefer temperatures above 70°F. These pests live near sources of moisture and dense vegetation. Female mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water. They only need about ½ʺ of water. These pests can lay nearly 400 eggs at one time, which can lead to large infestations. That’s why it’s important to know how to prevent an infestation.

5 Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes

Removing potential mosquito attractants is the best way to avoid an infestation. Here are some measures you can take to keep these pests at bay.

1. Minimize Hiding Spots

Overgrown grass

Mosquitoes hide in shady, humid areas including tall grass and overgrown vegetation. Mow your lawn regularly and keep your plants trimmed. It’s also helpful to remove yard debris including piles of leaves, grass clippings, sticks and branches, and weeds. Trimming your vegetation and removing these items will help to reduce the number of places mosquitoes can hide.

2. Remove Stagnant Water

Dish with water in yard

Mosquitoes love to hang around and breed in stagnant water. Minimize the accumulation of water around your house as much as possible. Empty water out of old tires, buckets, planters, and other spots where rainwater may collect. Make sure your gutters are clean. Keep the water fresh in kiddie pools, birdbaths, and pet dishes. You’ll also want to keep items covered. This will help to prevent standing water from congregating where mosquitoes can breed. Don’t forget to cover your pool and hot tub.

3. Seal Potential Entry Points

Window screen

Though mosquitoes are mainly a problem outside, they can sneak into homes. You’ll want to take the time to check for and seal potential entry points to keep mosquitoes and other bugs out. Make sure screens on doors and windows are in good condition. If you notice tears, repair or replace the screens. This will help keep mosquitoes out of your home. Also examine your house for any cracks or gaps where these pests could slip inside.

4. Plant Mosquito-Repelling Plants


It’s nice to have flowers and plants in your yard, but they could attract mosquitoes. Male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar. While some plants are attractive to these pests, others can help to repel them. Adding a few of these repellent plants to your yard can help to deter mosquitoes. Mint, citronella, lavender, and rosemary are just a few plants with fragrances that mosquitoes find unpleasant.

5. Use Plant-Based Mosquito Control Products

Mosquito Control Bundle

Plant-based insecticide sprays can help you avoid these pesky bugs. Our Mosquito Fogger works well to spot treat mosquitoes. It can also provide up to seven days of residual protection. To create a repellent barrier, you can also spray your yard with our Mosquito & Tick Killer. It kills mosquitoes on contact and provides residual repellency. To prevent mosquito bites, our Natural Insect Repellent can help. It repels mosquitoes, ticks, and flies and can be reapplied every two hours or as needed.

Bug-proofing your yard is the first step to preventing a mosquito problem. When these pests invade, you need a simple and effective solution. If mosquitoes are bugging you, we have your back! For a more environmentally and family-friendly solution, check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products.

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