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How to Use Maggie’s Farm Spider & Insect Trap

When pests invade your home, it’s important to have a simple and effective solution. One option is to use a Maggie’s Farm Spider & Insect Trap. These traps can help to protect your home from spiders and crawling insects and are pesticide-free. Check out how to use our Spider & Insect Trap to help keep creepy crawlies out of your home.

When Should I Use a Spider & Insect Trap?

Spider in house

Our Spider & Insect Trap can be used to help control, prevent, and detect pest problems.

  • Controlling Infestations: If you’re dealing with an active infestation, you can use our Spider & Insect Trap to help get rid of pests. The trap works 24/7 to capture spiders, ants, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, centipedes, and other crawling insects.
  • Preventing Infestations: You can also use the trap to help prevent pest problems. Catching insects and spiders before they have a chance to settle down in your home and begin reproducing can help to prevent an infestation.
  • Detecting Infestations: Placing the stations in your home can help you detect a pest problem. If you start catching a large number of the same type of insect, it could indicate that you are dealing with a more serious problem. Once you identify the pests invading your home, you can take steps to kick them out.

How to Set Up & Use the Maggie’s Farm Spider & Insect Trap

Spider & Insect Trap

When using any pest control product, it’s important to set yourself up for success. Check out how to set up and use our Spider & Insect Trap to help keep your home free of pests. 

1. Open the Station

Place the station on a table so that you can read the Maggie’s Farm logo right side up. Squeeze the raised pads located in the center on both long sides of the station. Then, slide the top to the right and lift it off.

2. Place the Glue Board

Before using the Spider & Insect Trap glue board, you will need to peel off the protective paper. Then, you can place the glue board in the bottom of the station base, sticky side up. The glue board is super sticky, so be careful when handling it.

3. Close the Station

To close the station, place the top of the station on the base slightly to the right of the center. Slide it to the left until it clicks into place.

4. Set Out the Station

Our Spider & Insect Trap should be placed on level surfaces close to where you have seen spider or insect activity. You’ll want to focus on areas where pests enter your home, harbor, congregate, or travel. Place the trap along walls or edges, next to doorways or windows, next to or under appliances, by trash bins, in cabinets, under beds, and in garages, basements, or outbuildings.

5. Monitor the Station

After setting out the station, you’ll need to regularly check it for pests. Its translucent design makes it easy to monitor the station. Replace the glue board every three months or when it is full of insects or spiders.

It isn’t any fun dealing with a pest problem, which is why it’s important to protect your home from creepy crawlies. If spiders or other pests are bugging you, we have your back! For a more environmentally and family-friendly solution, check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products.

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