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6 Easy Steps to Keep Bugs Out

Keep Pest Out of Home

It may not be realistic to think you can consistently keep all bugs out of your home, but if you’re ready for them, you have nothing to worry about!

Indoor bug spray can only do so much, and unfortunately, bugs are constantly trying to get into your house. They enjoy the same comforts you and your family do in there: shelter, food, and water. Like an overbearing house guest, if they can find these amenities in your home, they will “set up shop” and never want to leave. They will bring plenty of their friends, too!

You will usually find these common bug invaders in your home: flies, ants, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, firebrats, earwigs, silverfish, moths, and house centipedes. If you have pets, you might also find fleas and ticks.

Before you reach for the indoor bug killer spray, let’s talk about proactive steps you can take to help keep your home bug-free.

Don’t Let Bugs Feel at Home

Your first rule of thumb to keep any pest away, before even thinking about pest control products, is to get rid of anything that makes them feel welcome. If they have nothing to eat or drink, and no places to hide or breed, they will get the message and go elsewhere.

It may not be realistic to think you can consistently keep all bugs out of your home, but if you’re ready for them, you have nothing to worry about! Here are six quick things you and your family can do right now to keep bugs out of your home.

STEP 1:  Declutter! "Cluttery areas are favorites for bugs to gather and hide, especially cockroaches. When seasons change, sparking changes in bug movement and behavior, it makes the perfect excuse to go full Marie Kondo on your home!

  • Get rid of boxes, magazines, newspapers, and other clutter around the house.
  • Keep the yard free of debris.

declutter to keep bugs out

STEP 2:  Clean Your Kitchen. Bugs, particularly ants and cockroaches, love spending time in your kitchen. And they will eat anything: crumbs, pet food, pasta/bread/flour, nuts, fruit, popcorn, etc. (ants will typically head straight for the sweets). Some pests are even keen on certain spices.

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  • Be sure to store your food items in tightly sealed containers and don’t leave any on the shelf for too long.
  • Make crumbs non-existent (including pet food crumbs). Wipe down your countertops and clean, sweep, mop, empty the trash, and vacuum regularly (at least weekly, if possible).
  • Keep trash cans and bags tightly sealed.
  • Dry up damp areas. Certain pests, like ants, cockroaches, and silverfish love to be where it’s damp to always have a water source nearby. Keep surfaces wiped down and dry.
Reduce Pest with Reduced Moisture
STEP 3:  Keep it Dry. Not only are bugs looking for food, they are also after plenty of water/moisture to stay hydrated, especially when it’s hot out. 
  • Repair leaky pipes, faucets, and drains, and be sure your A/C unit, dishwasher, and washing machine are in good working order.
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep your attic, basement, and garage as dry as possible.

STEP 4:  Yardwork. More preventive measures outside will mean fewer bugs being able to get inside.

  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home’s exterior.
  • Keep mosquitoes in check by refreshing or getting rid of any stagnant water in your yard (birdbaths, ponds, kiddie pools, pet dishes, buckets, etc.) 
  • Seal up cracks, holes, and openings around your home’s doors, windows, and exterior. Replace weather stripping at least every other year.
  • Keep up with your weeding, and trim shrubs and branches away from your home’s foundation and sides.

No Spill Ant Kill Bait Stations

STEP 5:  Create a Barrier to Keep Bugs out. Once you have your preventive measures in place, you can get the pest control products out.
  • Apply a perimeter barrier bug spray to keeps pests from getting indoors.

  • Place ant bait stations around the foundation outdoors to keep wandering ants at bay. 

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  • Keep an effective bug killer spray on hand to keep the bugs that do find their way inside in check. Just be sure not to spray it near any bait you’ve laid down. 
STEP 6:  Repair possible entry points into your home. Bugs are very crafty when it comes to finding their way indoors. Try the following:
  • Caulk around windows, doors, plumbing pipes, vents, etc.
  • Repair gaps in siding and cracks in mortar.
  • Check weather stripping and replace if necessary.
  • Check/repair window screens
  • Clean out rain gutters thoroughly and repair downspouts where needed to prevent standing water.

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