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5 Interesting Facts About Pet Bugs

Though some people run from bugs, others find them fascinating. For those looking for a unique pet, insects are a great option. Whether you love bugs or hate them, they can be quite intriguing. We’ve made a list of five interesting facts about pet bugs.

1. Bugs Have Different Lifespans


Some pet bugs can live for a long time, while others have short lifespans. A cricket can usually live for a couple weeks. Doodlebugs, which are antlions in the larval stage, can live for a few years. Tarantulas can live more than 10 years and some of these arachnids have lifespans of 20 years or more. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a pet bug.

2. Bugs Have Special Skills


If you want a pet with a special talent, some bugs will do the trick. Some believe that crickets can provide you with the weather forecast. Counting the number of chirps in 14 seconds and adding 40 to it can tell you the temperature in Fahrenheit. Stick and leaf insects also have a cool talent. These bugs are excellent at hide and seek. Since they look like twigs and leaves, they can easily camouflage themselves. 

3. Bugs Have Different Defense Mechanisms


Not all pets want to be cuddly. Millipedes can secrete a skin-irritating liquid when they feel threatened. Tarantulas fling tiny hairs that irritate the skin or eyes. Pay attention to your pet bug to be sure you aren’t frightening it. When handling it, you’ll want to be careful. Don’t forget to wash your hands after touching your pet bug or arachnid.

4. Some Bugs Are Social


If you’re looking to adopt a pet bug, you may need to bring more than one home. Some bugs, like ants, are social insects. They live in a colony with a queen and worker ants. Ants will expect to be around members of their colony. Be prepared to create a formicarium for them with soil and access to food and water.

5. Some Pet Bugs Require Permits

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

You probably have bugs crawling around your yard, but that doesn’t mean they can be your pets. Some states require you to have a permit for bugs like hissing cockroaches. In other states, it’s illegal to own certain bugs. This is usually done to protect the ecosystem from an invasive insect species. Check your local guidelines to ensure you and your pet bug won’t get into any trouble.

When it comes to pets, bugs are definitely a different option. These bugs may not be the most cuddly, but they can still be a cool pet. Would you consider adopting an insect? Let us know in the comments below!

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