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What Attracts Flies?

Pests often have a reason for stopping by your home and yard. Flies invade spaces looking for food, moisture, shelter, and places to breed. Knowing why flies are buzzing around your home can help you eliminate an infestation. Check out a few things that could be attracting flies to your house.

What Attracts Flies?



Your trash can attracts flies for two reasons—feeding and breeding. Flies feed on rotting food and trash bins have plenty of it. These pests also lay eggs in garbage. To keep flies away, make sure to regularly remove trash from your home. You’ll also want to make sure outdoor trash bins have lids with a tight seal.

Crumbs & Spills

Coffee spill

Leaving behind crumbs can lead flies to your home. Spills, especially sugary or fermented liquids, can also attract flies. Keep your sink free of dirty dishes and frequently sweep and mop. You’ll also want to take time to wipe down your counters to help deter flies. If you enjoy a meal outside, make sure to clean up the space when you’re finished.

Overripe Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit flies on fruit

If you leave fruit and vegetables on your counters, make sure to eat it before it becomes overripe. Fruit flies feed on overripe fruit and rotting vegetables. They also lay eggs on these items too. Removing overripe produce and keeping fruits and veggies in the fridge can help to prevent a fly problem.

Decaying Matter

Pile of dried leaves

Decaying matter in your yard can be a welcoming sight to flies. These pests feed on decaying matter like pet droppings. Blow flies lay eggs on animal carcasses and their presence often warns of something decaying near your home. Leaf litter and grass clippings can also provide a place for flies to breed. Taking the time to clean your yard can help keep flies away.



Moisture benefits flies in two ways. It keeps them hydrated, and it provides places to breed. If flies find moisture in your home or yard, they’ll likely stick around. Check for leaky pipes or dirty drains that can attract drain flies. Outside, keep your yard free of areas where water can collect.  



Flies do well in warm environments, which is why they are so active in the summer. Your home is usually a warm space, which is just what flies need. Warm temperatures increase their rate of development. As summer ends, your home can also provide relief from cooling temperatures. Cluster flies search for places to spend the winter and often gather in homes.

When dealing with flies, it’s important to figure out what’s attracting them to your home. Whether it’s food, moisture, or a combination of things, eliminating these attractants can help you keep your home free of these pests. If flies have invaded your space, we’re here to help! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Flying Insect Killer for a more environmentally and family-friendly solution.

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