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Best Fruit Fly Traps Non-Toxic Control

Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Fruit Fly Trap

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An innovative, easy-to-use, patent-pending fruit fly trap designed to discreetly lure and capture fruit flies fast!




  • Attracts and kills fruit flies
  • Unique non-toxic, dual tablet-and-liquid fast fruit fly attraction system
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Glue surface inside the trap helps stop escapes
  • For indoor use
  • Non-toxic
  • Near fruit fly problem areas
  • Comes in recyclable packaging
  • Stops flies from breeding and multiplying
  • Safe for use around children and pets when used as directed
  • Each package gives you two traps, two tablets and a 0.85 fl oz tube of our Simply Effective Fruit Fly Lure for the two traps—60-day supply

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Filling and Activating the Traps:

1. Push the capsule through the hole on top of the trap. If the hole is not completely cut out, pushing the capsule through the pre-cut hole will open it up.

2. Squeeze about half of the tube of the liquid in the Fruit Fly it. Lure tube (about 0.4fl oz) into the hole of the trap to activate it.

3. The trap will work for up to 30 days. 

Fruit flies that enter the trap then drown in the liquid or get stuck in the glue. Discard the trap after 30 days. The Fruit Fly Trap works best when used with the capsules and Fruit Fly Lure included in the package. But just in case:

  • If you misplace a capsule, the Fruit Fly Lure alone will still work, but may not be as effective.

  • If you run out of the Fruit Fly Lure liquid (i.e. if you used too much in apple or grape juice to the Fruit Fly Lure liquid that is in the trap.

Placement of Traps: Areas found are around kitchen fruit bowls and near garbage storage areas.) Place traps on or under counters, sinks, or near unrefrigerated fruits/vegetables. Place traps where they won’t be disturbed. If using two traps, space them at least 8 feet apart.

Q. Why does the Maggie’s Farm Fruit Fly Traps come with both a liquid lure and a tablet?

    A. While most fruit fly traps only use a liquid attractant, Maggie’s Farm Fruit Fly Traps use a dual tablet and liquid attraction system that works to attract fruit flies faster.

    Q. What is the patent-pending feature of the Maggie’s Farm Fruit Fly Trap?

      A. Unlike other fruit fly traps on the market, the Maggie’s Farm Fruit Fly Trap has a glue surface inside the trap that better secures the trapped flies and prevents them from escaping.