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Maggie's Farm Garden Essentials Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer
Maggie's Farm Garden Essentials Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer
Maggie's Farm Garden Essentials Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer
Maggie's Farm Garden Essentials Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer

Maggie's Farm Garden Essentials Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer

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Protect your garden, plants and trees from hungry pests! A patented formula designed to kill beetles, boxelder bugs, and 100+ insects and mites. Kills all stages of target insects, including eggs. Dormant and growing season insect spray that may be used up to and including day of harvest.

  • Our Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer kills Japanese Beetles, Boxelder Bugs, Stink Bugs, Grasshoppers, and 100+ insects and mites
  • For use on roses, flowers, fruits and vegetables, fruit and nut trees, citrus, foliage plants and trees
  • Also for use in home greenhouses and on indoor houseplants
  • Kills listed insects on product label on contact
  • Kills all stages of listed insects, including eggs
  • May be used up to and including day of harvest
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Dormant and growing season insect spray
  • Patented formula


Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins, Canola oil


How to Use Maggie's Farm Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer

Only for use in home gardens, home indoor houseplants and home greenhouses. Read entire label. Use only as directed. Shake well before each use.

Thoroughly wet all parts of the plants. Do not wet plants to point of runoff or drip. Repeat treatment in 1-2 weeks if needed. Do not apply more than 20 fl oz per 100 sq ft per application. May be used on edible crops up to and including day of harvest.

Outdoor Use: For use outdoors on fruit and nut trees (apples, cherries, peaches, pears, nuts); flowering, foliage plants; corn; melons; tomatoes; vegetables (beans, cabbage, cucurbits, peas, potatoes); figs; small fruits (grapes, strawberry, raspberry); citrus; ornamental and shade trees (birch, evergreens, holly, oak) and herbs.

Home Greenhouse Use: For use in home greenhouses: flowering, foliage plants; melons, tomatoes; vegetables (beans, cabbage, cucurbits, peas, potatoes); small fruits (grapes, strawberry, raspberry); houseplants.

Indoor Use: For use indoors on houseplants.

Dormant Use: Kills exposed egg stages of pests present in dormant season and pests on dormant shrubs (roses), evergreens, fruit trees and shade trees. Thoroughly wet the dormant plants or trees.


Q: Why is this product called Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer when there are so many more insects listed on the label?

A: This product does in fact control many more insects than just beetles and boxelder bugs (the labels lists 100+ insects and mites). We opted to call it Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer since there are many beetles listed on the label, and to call attention to boxelder bugs since many insecticide products do not list them on their labels.

Q: What is a boxelder bug?

A: These insects get their name because they feed primarily on developing seeds of boxelder trees (also maple and ash trees). They are black with reddish or orange markings on their back. Adults have a flattened and elongated oval body shape that is about 1 inch long. Boxelder bugs are mainly a nuisance pest when they enter structures including homes and sheds to overwinter.

Q: What is the listed active ingredient pyrethrins?

A: Pyrethrins are found naturally in some chrysanthemum flowers, and have insecticidal and insect-repellent properties that have been used for many years. It is considered to be an organic insecticide when not combined with synthetic synergists.

Q: Can this product be used on edible plants/crops?

A: Yes, Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer can be used on edible plants/crops up to and including the day of harvest. 

Q: Is it okay to use this product indoors on houseplants?

A: Yes.

Q: What are the differences between the 3 Maggie's Farm garden products?

A: Click here to check out our product comparison chart.

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Great product

Great for these nasty Lily beetles! And Japanese beetles too.

Jane S.
United States United States

Loved this

I dont love using pest control, but I had an extreme infestation and nothing was working. Pyrethrins break down quickly which was why I was willing to give this a try. I did, and it worked with only one treatment. DEFINITELY recommend for desperate gardeners.

United States United States

The Only Japanese Beetle Killer

My Wife's roses were getting shredded by Japanese beetles. This killed them on contact within 30secs. It works, it also repells them from returning.

United States United States


i honestly dont believe anything product works better than this.. love it, my garden loves it

kerry b.
United States United States