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Lure & Kill Japanese Beetle Concentrate
Lure & Kill Japanese Beetle Concentrate
Lure & Kill Japanese Beetle Concentrate

Lure & Kill Japanese Beetle Concentrate

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Protect your garden and plants from Japanese beetles with our Lure & Kill Japanese Beetle Concentrate. Formulated with plant oils that are highly attractive to Japanese beetles. Mix concentrate with water to turn any bucket into a Japanese beetle trap. 1 bottle makes 16 traps!
Crafted in the Heartland

  • Our Lure & Kill Japanese Beetle Concentrate attracts and kills Japanese Beetles
  • Formulated with plant oils that are shown through research to be highly attractive to Japanese beetles
  • Turns any bucket into a Japanese beetle trap. Causes Japanese beetles to drown in the water
  • For use outdoors 
  • Makes 16 traps 
  • Safe for people, pets, and the planet when used as directed 
  • NET CONTENTS: 32 fl oz

Active Ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulfate, Clove oil, 2-Phenylethyl propionate, Geraniol

Inert Ingredients: Water



How to Use Maggie's Farm Lure & Kill Japanese Beetle Concentrate 

Trap Preparation: Use a clean, 1-2 gallon bucket and fill about half full with tap water. Add 2 fl oz of Maggie’s Farm Lure & Kill Concentrate and stir briefly to mix.

Trap Placement: The general recommendation is to place traps around the edges of the property to be protected. Ideally, place traps at least 30 ft from your garden or flowering plants. Non-flowering trees and shrubs are not attractive to Japanese beetles. Placing them downwind from the garden based on typical wind patterns is preferred. Depending upon the size of the property, multiple traps can be used and should be placed at least 30 feet apart. Try different trap locations to maximize effectiveness.

Trap Checking & Replenishment: When the surface of the water gets significantly covered with dead beetles, scoop them out and dispose of them. We do not recommend feeding the dead beetles to poultry. Replenish trap water and attractant after heavy rains or every one to two weeks as needed.

Helpful Tips: We do not recommend treating plants with Maggie’s Farm 3-in-1 Garden Spray when adult Japanese beetles are active in the area, as the plant oils can be attractive to them. Instead, treat plants with Maggie’s Farm Beetle & Boxelder Bug Killer or Maggie’s Farm Vegetable Garden Insect & Disease Control, following label directions.


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