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Fruit Fly Trap
Fruit Fly Trap
Fruit Fly Trap
Fruit Fly Trap
Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit Fly Trap

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Attracts and kills fruit flies. Easy-to-use trap that discreetly lures and captures fruit flies, preventing them from breeding and multiplying. Food-based lure. Package contains 2 traps for a 60-day supply.
Crafted in the Heartland

  • Attracts and kills fruit flies
  • Stops flies from breeding and multiplying
  • Innovative and unique dual capsule-and-liquid fast fruit fly attraction system 
  • Safe for use around children and pets when used as directed
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Food-based lure
  • For indoor use
  • Each package gives you two traps, two tablets and a 1 fl oz tube of our Simply Effective Fruit Fly Lure for the two traps—60-day supply
  • Comes in recyclable packaging 
  • Made in the USA


Filling and Activating the Traps:

1. Push the tip of tube through the hole on top of the trap. If the hole tab is not completely cut out, pushing the tube tip through the pre-cut hole will open it up. 

2. Squeeze about half of the tube of the liquid in the Fruit Fly Lure tube (about 0.5 fl oz) into the hole of the trap to activate it.

3. To enhance capture efficiency, add one drop of standard dish soap (any brand) to the trap.

4. Just in case: If you run out of the Fruit Fly Lure liquid (you used more than half in the first trap, had a spill or the tap dries out etc.), try adding a tablespoon of real apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar to the trap. 

5. Each trap will work for up to 30 days. Discard the trap after 30 days. 

Placement of Traps:

  • Place traps in areas near the fruit fly problem (i.e. common problem areas found are around kitchen fruit bowls, around sinks, dishwashers and garbage areas.) Place traps on or under counters, sinks, or near unrefrigerated fruits/vegetables.
  • Place traps where they won’t be disturbed. 
  • If using two traps at once, we recommend spacing them at least three feet apart.

Click here to check out our frequently asked questions. 

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I tried lots of things to get rid of annoying fruit flies living in the soil of potted plants and in the kitchen counter compost bin with little success and one day my lovely wife brought home a Maggies Farm's Fruit Fly Trap kit. The kit was so simple and easy to use but the best thing of all was how effective it was. I bought a few more because they worked so well and we are now heading in to another season.

Timothy E.
United States United States
LaVon H.
United States United States

Ant bait

The ant traps worked immediately!

Carolyn P.
United States United States

Easy and clean

I just set it up last night-very easy, except I put more than 1/2 liquid-thank you for alternative next time use.

Becky J.
United States United States