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Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Pantry Moth Trap - Maggie's Farm

Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Pantry Moth Trap

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Attracts and kills common moths and larvae using a natural pheromone. Easy-to-use trap that is safe for use in cupboards, pantries, and around food. Keeps grain moths out of food, pet food, and birdseed. Lasts up to 3 months.

Maggies-Farm-Green-ZoneCrafted in the Heartland

  • Powerful, natural pheromone attractant lure lethal to common moths and larvae
  • Non-Toxic Pheromone Lure Attracts Common Moths Fast
  • Keeps Grain Moths out of Food, Pet Food and Birdseed
  • Safe for use in cupboards, pantries and around food
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Fast-working
  • Lasts up to 3 Months
  • Available in packs of two sticky traps with two individually packed pheromone lures

Click here to learn How to Get Rid of Moths

General Use: Place Maggie’s Farm Pantry Moth Traps in areas where you’ve seen moths.  Typical areas might be the pantry, kitchen, basement, or garage. Each Maggie’s Farm Pantry Moth Trap includes a powerful pheromone lure designed to attract the most common moths.  Each lure comes in an airtight placket to keep it fresh prior to use. Normally, you should only use on trap at a time in each room or area. In addition to using traps, you should look for any infested good and throw out to try to get rid of the source of the problem.
Assembly Instructions:

1. Peel back the paper cover to expose the glue layer underneath

2. Tear open on pouch containing a pheromone lure.  Put the pheromone lure in the center of the glue area.

3. Fold the trap along the fold lines to make a triangle shape

Once assembled, put the trap on a flat surface in areas where you’ve seen moths. Replace the trap every three months, or sooner if it becomes dusty or full of moths.


Q. I do not see any retailers on your Store Locator section that carry the Maggie’s Farm Pantry Moth Trap. Where can I buy this?

A. The Maggie’s Farm Pantry Moth Trap is currently only available on the Maggie’s Farm website.

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Maggie's Farm Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Pantry Moth Trap Review
Pantry Moth Trap

I cleaned out the affected cabinets, put the traps in, about a week ago. Although the amount of moths have gone down, and I have seen a few moths in the traps, there are still a couple of moths I still see on my walls everyday, that I kill, so the jury is still out. I'll have to see what happens going forward.

Joanne S.
United States United States
Maggie's Farm Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Pantry Moth Trap Review
Excellent product

The day I put the trap up it started working immediately. I will definitely buy this product again

Becky M.
United States United States
Don't look any further this is the best

love this product, works the best.

Dona T.
United States United States

This started working right away and is close to being full already. I may need to order more soon!

Denise R.
United States United States