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Best Green Wasp and Hornet Killer Plant Based

Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Wasp & Hornet Killer


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A 14 oz plant-oil-based pest control aerosol that is specially formulated to kill wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and spiders fast with a foaming jet spray that reaches up to 18 feet.

 Maggies-Farm-Green-ZoneWater Based Formula Crafted in the Heartland

  • Fast kill of wasps, hornets and yellow jackets
  • Also kills spiders
  • Kills fast on contact with residual repellency
  • Foaming jet spray reaches up to 18 feet and coats the nest
  • Safe for use around children and pets when used as directed
  • Using natural plant oils as the active ingredients, it leaves no harmful residues
  • Non-staining
  • Water-based formula leaves no oily residues
  • Natural fresh scent
  • For outdoor use and unfinished indoor areas, such as attics, basements, garages, and sheds
  • This product is classified as a minimum-risk pesticide under EPA FIFRA 25(b)
  • Contains no Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are harmful to the ozone layer
  • Recyclable container

    Active Ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulfate and natural plant oils: Clove oil, Peppermint oil

    Inert Ingredient: Water, Xanthan gum, Isopropyl myristate, Carbon dioxide

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    Check Out Our Guide on How to Identify Stinging Insects


    Always read label directions and precautions prior to use. Shake well before using and periodically during use. This product can be used outdoors, and in unfinished indoor areas such as attics, basements, garages, and sheds. Keep in mind that this product is a focused jet spray, not a wasp fogger. Among natural wasp and hornet sprays, Maggie's Farm Wasp & Hornet Killer spray is an excellent choice. Finally, a natural wasp killer that is family-friendly and kind to the earth!

    Wasp and Hornet Treatment: The best time to apply is at dusk, just before dawn or at night when these insects are less active and in the nest. Paper wasp nests can be sprayed during the day. Stand a safe distance from the nest. Spray with the wind at your back. Hold can in an upright position and aim spray nozzle at the nest or nest entrance. Press button firmly to spray and coat the nest openings for at least 10 seconds. Contact as many wasps / hornets as possible. Repeat as necessary.

    Yellow Jacket Treatment: The best time to apply is at dusk, just before dawn or at night when these insects are less active and in the nest. Stand a safe distance from the nest. Spray with the wind at your back. Hold can in an upright position and aim spray nozzle toward the nest opening. Apply directly into the opening for 8 seconds to kill the yellow jackets in the nest. This will also repel any yellow jackets returning to the nest. Next, contact as many yellow jackets as possible outside the nest. Be aware that yellow jacket nests may have multiple entrances. Repeat as necessary.

    Spider Treatment: Hold can in an upright position and aim spray nozzle as the web.  Press button firmly to spray and contact as many spiders as possible. Repeat as necessary.


    Q. How fast does the Maggie’s Farm Wasp & Hornet Killer work on stinging insects?

    A. The foaming jet spray is designed to provide immediate knockdown and quick kill on the stinging insects listed on the label.

    Q. Can I use the Maggie’s Farm Wasp & Hornet Killer in my attic?

    A. Yes, it can be used in unfinished indoor areas such as attics, basements, garages and sheds.

    Q. What is a natural way to get rid of wasps?  

    A. The term “wasps” is used to generally refer to a variety of stinging insects, including paper wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and mud daubers. Since each of these species is different, it would be difficult to provide only one natural way to prevent and get rid of wasps.  Check out our post on getting rid of stinging insects for help with identification, prevention, and eliminating all types of stinging insects.

    Q. What Household Products Kill Wasps? 

    A. We do not recommend trying to kill wasps with general household pest control products. One lone wasp in the house or garage can easily be taken out with a good old-fashioned fly swatter, but a nest full of wasps can be dangerous. First, make sure you have correctly identified the stinging insect in question to be able to assess the threat to you and your family.  Our Stinging Insect Guide will help you identify what type of wasp you are dealing with, along with proper steps for elimination. 

    Q. Does Vinegar Kill Wasps? 

    A. There is not much evidence supporting vinegar being lethal for wasps, though enough of it may incapacitate a wasp, or even drown it. A more critical matter than whether vinegar works to kill a wasp is whether or not you’re able to apply the vinegar from a safe enough distance. For a botanical wasp killer spray, we recommend using our Maggie’s Farm Wasp & Hornet Killer spray The jet spray can hit a target from up to 18 feet away, coating wasps and their nests with a foamy, botanically based insecticide for quick knockdown. Works great on spiders, too! 

    Q. What Can I Spray on a Wasp to Kill it?

    A. Household items like water mixed with dish soap and baby oil are effective against wasps, but again, the real question is, can you spray them from a safe distance? Your best bet, however, is to hit them hard from 15-18 feet away with an effective botanical wasp and hornet killer like ours. 

    Q. Will Maggie's Farm Wasp & Hornet Killer Hurt My Plants? 

    A. This product is not meant for use on plants. Per the label instructions, do not apply to plants. Maggie's Farm Wasp & Hornet Killer will not harm your grass but the combined effect of sunlight with the plant oils (phototoxicity) can burn the leaves of trees, shrubs, and other plants. Plants contacted with the spray should be hosed off to prevent possible leaf burn. 

    Q. Does Maggie's Farm Wasp & Hornet Killer Have an Expiration Date? 

    A. Our products have a two-year shelf life after the manufacturing date. If you provide us with the batch number found on the bottom of the can, we can let you know when it was formulated and packaged. 


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    This will be a staple for our home now!

    Child and pet safe sold me right off the bat! I'm excited to try all the products out. I have lots of herbs and outdoor flowers and we spend most of the warmer months outdoors. We actually just sprayed our FIRST wasp nest of the season. No wasps and the product sprayed well!

    Taylor E.

    Very pleased so far

    We've only needed this product a few times so far this season, but it has worked extremely well. The can is able to send a foaming spray a good 20 feet with great accuracy and the wasps seem to perish almost instantly. The fact that all the ingredients are natural is GREAT and the smell it leaves behind is pleasant, too.

    Shawn a.
    United States United States

    Great product

    If you use this product as recommended, it works well. We live in the country and have a large number of red wasps. Happy to finally have found something that works instantly.

    Nancy J.
    United States

    Smells nice but that's about it!

    I am very upset I chose this in a grocery store and paid a bit more. I wish I would have used a trusted brand....back to the store I go!