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How to Bug-Proof Your Yard

Before bugs ever step foot into your home, they usually start in your yard. Pest-proofing your yard will help prevent bugs from invading your home. We’ve made a list of tips to help you keep your yard free of bugs.

Eliminate Standing Water

Dish filled with water in garden

Bugs need moisture, and some, like mosquitoes, thrive in damp areas. Inspect your yard for moisture build-up. Make sure your hose isn’t leaking. Keep your gutters clean and ensure your downspout is working properly. Check for items that collect water including pool covers, toys, watering cans, and flowerpots. If you have kiddie pools, pet water bowls, or birdbaths, replace the water regularly.

Remove Trash

Trash can

Your trash can be a feast for pests like ants. Flies can also breed in garbage. Keep your yard free of trash. When you remove trash from your home, make sure the bag is sealed. Place it in a trash bin with a tightly fitting lid. If possible, avoid placing it close to your yard or house. It’s also important to keep your trash cans as clean as possible. 

Keep Vegetation Trimmed

Lawn mower

The vegetation in your yard is the perfect hiding spot for bugs. That’s why it’s important to keep things trimmed. Regularly mow your lawn to keep grass short. Remove any weeds that pop up. Make sure your shrubs and bushes aren’t touching the side of your house. Bugs can use these plants as a bridge to enter your home. 

Remove Yard Debris

Raking leaves

Yard debris can also be a good place for pests to hide. If you have woodpiles, store them several feet from your house. Rake up leaves and remove grass clippings. Tree stumps can also act as shelter for pests. If you have fruit trees, you’ll want to pick up fallen fruit. Some pests will be more than happy to eat it.

Keep Food Covered

Wasps on bottle

Having a meal outside is always nice, but it can attract bugs. Keep food covered when you aren’t eating to avoid attracting pests. Use cups with lids, especially if you’re enjoying a sweet or sugary drink. Stinging insects love sweet treats. When finished, clean up and don’t leave behind any crumbs or sticky residues.

Clean Your Grill


When you grill, chances are you’re leaving behind food residue. This can be an open invitation to hungry pests. After grilling, make sure to clean your grill. Eliminating this food residue will help to prevent bugs from heading to your yard.

Use Warm-Hued Light Bulbs

Light bulb

Many bugs, like flies, are attracted to light. Your exterior lights could lure pests to your yard. Brighter, cool-hued lights are more attractive to pests. Swapping your white light bulb for a warm-hued one, like yellow or orange, can deter bug activity.

Install Patio Fans

Patio with fan

While bugs, like mosquitoes, can usually fly well, windy conditions make it difficult for them. If possible, consider installing a patio fan. You could also keep a box fan outside. This will keep things cool and help keep pests away from you.

Keep Insects Away from Your Pool

Enclosed swimming pool

It’s great to spend time by the pool, but it can attract some pests. Make sure your pool is clean. This will make it less attractive to bugs. Store pool toys and rafts in a place where they will stay dry when you’re not using them. Check your pump regularly to ensure it’s working. You want the water to keep circulating and to not become stagnant. Bug-proofing your pool area will help to keep pests from invading your yard.

Add Bug-Repelling Plants

Peppermint plant

Some plants have a built-in defense mechanism—their scent. Certain plant fragrances drive bugs crazy. Add a few bug-repelling plants to your yard and garden to help prevent pests. The following are great options:

  • Peppermint
  • Lemongrass
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Marigolds

Create a Protective Barrier

Yard Bug Spray

Plant essential oils carry the same repellency that plant fragrances have. When they are correctly combined, they can also be an effective solution against pests. Our plant-based Yard Bug Spray can be applied to the perimeter of your yard and house. It will kill pests on contact and provide you with residual repellency. This acts as a protective barrier helping to keep bugs out. 

How to Bug-Proof Your Yard infographic

Taking the time to pest-proof will not only help keep your yard pest-free but also your home. If bugs are marching through your yard, we have your back! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products.

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