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How to Prevent Crickets in Your Home

Crickets occasionally enter homes by accident. However, they are more likely to stick around if they find food, moisture, and shelter. Preventing these pests is always easier than dealing with an infestation. Check out a few tips to help keep crickets from invading your home.

Seal Entry Points

Window screen

One of the best ways to keep your home free of crickets is to seal their entry points. Check for and seal gaps or cracks near doors and windows. Repair or replace any window or door screens with tears. Not only will this prevent crickets, it will help keep other pests out too.

Eliminate Moisture

Clogged gutters

Crickets thrive in areas where moisture is present. Use a dehumidifier or fan in rooms with high humidity. Check for leaky pipes or faucets and repair or replace them. Keep your gutters clean to avoid moisture build-up. Examine your yard for spots where water collects. 

Remove Food Sources

Food stored in glass containers

Like other pests, crickets will stick around if they find a food source. Keep your food stored in containers with tight-fitting lids. Place produce in the fridge to avoid attracting these pests. If you have pets, pick up their food when they aren’t eating and keep their bowls clean.

Keep Your Home Clean


Taking the time to clean your home can help deter cricket activity. Vacuuming regularly helps to remove crickets and their eggs. Remove garbage and place it in a tightly sealed trash bin. Getting rid of clutter will also help. Cardboard boxes and paper can act as a hiding spot and food source for crickets. Store your things in plastic bins to help prevent crickets.  

Keep Your Yard Clean

Trimming plant

A clean yard can also help keep crickets away. Crickets hide in tall grass, so mow your lawn. Trim bushes and trees so they aren’t touching the side of your house. Store firewood away from your home since crickets can hide in it. You’ll also want to remove yard debris like grass clippings and leaf litter.

Change Light Bulbs

Light bulb

Exterior lighting can attract crickets to your yard and they are known to gather in large numbers. Swapping white light bulbs for yellow bulbs can help prevent crickets. Switching to a motion detector light will give you the light you need, while minimizing opportunities for it to attract crickets.

Use Plant-Based Insecticides

Maggie's Farm Simply Effective Yard Bug Spray, Spider & Insect Dust, Home Bug Spray

Using plant-based insecticides can help keep your home and yard free of crickets. Our Yard Bug Spray will help create a repellent barrier and kill crickets and other pests on contact. To help keep crickets out of your home, spray entry points with our Home Bug Spray. You can also use an insecticide dust like our Spider & Insect Dust. This can be applied to cracks and crevices for long-lasting protection against crickets.

Implementing these preventative measures can help save you the headache of dealing with chirping crickets. If you’re dealing with a pest problem, we’re here to help! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products.

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