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Things in Your House Attracting Bugs

Bugs love using our homes as their vacation spot. It doesn’t matter if you have a flashing, neon no vacancy sign, bugs will still make themselves at home. So, what can you do? Making your house as unwelcoming as possible is a great way to keep uninvited pests away. We’ve made a list of things that could be attracting unwanted guests to your home.  



Papers, boxes and stuff, oh my! Many of us are guilty of letting things pile up, but clutter makes a bug feel right at home. Clutter provides bugs with numerous hiding spots. This is an important factor for bugs when searching for a new home. They need to be sure that there is proper shelter for them. If you want to keep bugs from moving in, keep things organized. Sealed containers are a great way of keeping your space clean and the bugs away.



Garbage is a hot spot for bugs like cockroaches, ants and flies. Your leftovers are a tasty treat for bugs and they just can’t resist. Make sure you stay on top of taking the trash out. It’s also important that bags are completely shut and placed in a closed trash bin outside. If bugs catch wind of your food outside, they’re only a couple steps away from your kitchen.  

Overripe Fruit


We get it, the chips looked more appetizing than the fruit. While we understand, bugs take advantage of this opportunity. Fruits contain natural sugars, which give them their sweet flavor. Bugs, especially fruit flies, can’t resist a good sweet treat. If you happen to have fruit that’s a little overripe it can still be used. Try making a smoothie or even baking with it. Overripe bananas work well for banana bread. You can enjoy a treat and save yourself from the headache bugs will cause.  

White Light Bulbs

Light Bulb

Despite the many eyes bugs have, they struggle to see certain colors. Bugs have no problem picking up ultraviolet, blue and green lights. These cool hues mixed with light create a perfect attractant for bugs. Since white light bulbs have a cool tint, bugs will head in their direction. Try swapping your cool hued light bulbs with warm ones—think yellow and orange.

Unwashed Bedding


We don’t want to gross you out with this one. We just want you to be prepared. Unwashed bedding can attract certain bugs to your home and into your bed. When we sleep, we shed dead skin cells. Bugs, like mites, have no problem eating them. Washing your sheets frequently will help deter bugs from bothering you.



There’s nothing like warming up by the fire during the cold, winter months. However, the firewood you’re using could be attracting bugs. Woodpiles are a great source of food and shelter for them. There are species of beetles who think woodpiles are perfect log cabins. It’s best to keep your firewood outside and even better if you can keep it away from exterior walls. The closer they come to your house, the more likely they will stop by for a visit.


Water Bowl

Has your faucet been leaking lately? You’ll definitely want to get that fixed. Water is a major attractant of bugs. They need it for survival, just like we do. Bugs, like mosquitoes, look for watery locations to lay their eggs. Big or small, stagnant water will send bugs your way. Leaks, clogged gutters and even unchanged water bowls for your furry friends can be an open invitation to bugs.   

Messy Yards


Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing in piles of leaves. Many bugs view them as a source of shelter. The same can be said for overgrown grass. It’s important to keep your yard nice and tidy. It may not be fun, but maintaining your yard will help keep pests from bugging you.



Fruit isn’t the only treat that will lure bugs into your home. Most of our food will attract some kind of bug. Keeping your food in closed containers is helpful, but don’t stop there. You may want to watch your favorite show after dinner, but make sure you do the dishes first. Bugs won’t hesitate to come after your forgotten crumbs. They also have no problem tasting your pet’s favorite treat. Keep your furry friend happy by keeping their food in sealed containers away from bugs.

Gaps and Cracks


If bugs see an opportunity, they’ll take it. The smallest crack is all a tiny bug needs to sneak into your home. If you’re spotting unwanted guests, make sure to carefully inspect windows and doors. If there are any gaps, it’s time to get to work. Pick up your favorite caulk, seal your windows and replace missing or damaged door sweeps. 

Attracting Bugs Infographic  

Your home can become a bug’s favorite place on the block if you aren’t careful. Avoid giving them a reason to stay by eliminating their source of food and shelter. If you’ve found a pesky bunch of bugs that refuse to leave, don’t worry. Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective Pest Control products will have them packing their bags.

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