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When Should I Contact a Pest Control Professional?

You might have wondered at some point, "When should I contact a pest control professional?" Most basic insect pest problems can be handled with some preventive maintenance and upkeep. And most small infestations can usually be tackled by homeowners if handled properly. But sometimes, pest problems become overwhelming, and can even become dangerous, as in the case of venomous invaders, like Brown Recluse spiders, or expensive, as in the case of carpenter ants.

You're doing what you can to keep your home clean and sealed, and keeping tabs on pest activity in your home. One day you notice some signs of pest invaders. How do you know you're at the point of needing to call in professional help?

Here are some guidelines:

Pests that can cause damage to home or home-related goods

Some pests (e.g. termites, carpenter ants, carpet beetles, etc.) can cause damage to your home-related goods you have at home. Termites, for example, are capable of causing extensive damage to your home’s wooden structure if an infestation is serious enough and they are not detected or treated properly. You definitely want to talk to a pest control professional in this case!

Recurring pest problems

There are times when your best efforts may get rid of a pest problem for a while, but then they keep coming back. This usually means you haven't found the real source of the problem (i.e., nest, colony, etc.), and may need some professional help to really get to the core of the issue.

Pests that are difficult to control

Some pests are simply difficult to control, and an infestation may be more than you can handle. Examples include bed bugs, spiders, German cockroaches, and fleas.

Pests that may pose a health risk

In case you're dealing with a pest infestation that might pose a health risk, especially to those in your household who are more vulnerable, like small children and elderly adults, you might need some professional help (e.g. Brown Recluse spiders, hornets, ticks, mosquitoes, etc.).

Large pest infestations

Some pest infestations can become such a big problem, that your DIY efforts may not be working. The infestation may completely overwhelm you. It may be time to call a professional!

Zero tolerance for pests

Maybe you just don't like pests, not even the sight of one. If this is the case, call a professional who can put together a preventive service program for your home.

Concerns About Chemicals Used by Pest Control Professionals

Are you concerned about what kind of chemicals your pest control professional is using in and around your home? Talk to him or her about the types of insecticides they use.

Some pest control companies only use conventional insecticides, while others offer "green" service options (using botanical insecticides, boric acid insecticides, and baits, etc.). Some companies even offer green service options exclusively.

You can request that your pest control professional uses only green, earth- and family-friendly pest control products to treat your home and yard.

Depending on the type and severity of the pest problem you're dealing with, a professional may need to initially use conventional pest control products. It's important to remember that if this is the case, professional pest control technicians are trained in how to apply products in a manner that minimizes the risk to your family and pets. Once the pest problem is under control, your pest control professional can switch to “greener” products for maintenance service visits in order to prevent the pest problem from recurring. 


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