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Fleas & Ticks

Maggie's Farm Flea & Tick Control ProductsOutdoor Control Strategy

Use Maggie’s Farm Mosquito & Tick Killer for outdoor tick treatment. Attach the sprayer to your garden hose and follow the instructions on the label. Pay particular attention to areas with bushes, underbrush, or other heavy vegetation. If you are in a tick-prone area, do what you can to reduce heavy vegetation around your home. For a flea spray for your yard, use Maggie’s Farm Yard Bug Spray. You’ll likely need to treat the whole yard, or all areas outside where pets have access. Always treat your pets with a product labeled for on-animal flea control at the same time you treat the premises for fleas.

Indoor Control Strategy

There are things you can do to get better indoor flea control. Indoors, fleas and ticks can be killed directly by spraying with Maggie’s Farm Home Bug Spray. Maggie’s Farm Spider & Insect Dust or Maggie’s Farm Bed Bug Killer are viable, longer-lasting treatments for the edges of carpets, under and around pet bedding and rest areas, and underneath/behind furniture cushions. Pay particular attention to pet areas and treat them thoroughly with a good
indoor tick spray that treats for fleas as well. Don’t treat pets directly with these products. Before spraying, thoroughly vacuum to remove any flea eggs, larvae, and pupae from the carpet, pet bedding, and furniture. It can be difficult for insecticides to penetrate pupae, so treatment is more effective after the pupae emerge as adults. By the way, vacuuming will stimulate the pupae to emerge to the adult stage.

Seal the vacuum cleaner bag in a plastic trash bag and dispose of it outside in the trash. Be sure to treat your pets for fleas with a product labeled for on-animal use at the same time you treat the premises. If you don’t treat both the pet and the premises (indoors and out) you will likely not get rid of them all. If you still need help, you can try a couple of synthetic products, available online – FenvaStar™ EcoCap™ is a direct killer that can be mixed with an insect growth regulator (IGR) - a product containing pyriproxyfen or methoprene. If the worst comes to the worst, you should call a professional.

Flea & Tick Facts:


  • Fleas are small, wingless, flat insects with three pairs of legs.  Adult fleas are about ⅛ of an inch long ( 1 to 3 mm).
  • They are dark reddish-brown in color and have biting mouthparts.
  • Adults can jump up to two feet high to jump onto a host.
  • Fleas feed on any warm-blooded body, including humans.  However, they prefer to dine on hairy animals such as dogs, cats.
  • The main types of fleas that are problematic to animals and humans are cat fleas, dog fleas and human fleas.


  • Though ticks are often found on pets and humans, they prefer to infest wild animals that live in wooded, overgrown areas.
  • Adult ticks are recognizable because of their eight legs and over/pear-shaped bodies.  They are usually 3 to 5 MM long.
  • Ticks can only crawl.  They cannot fly or jump.  The “guest” when looking for a host.
  • While “guesting”, ticks wait for host animals while cling to the tips of grasses and shrubs.  When brushed by a moving animal or person, they quickly let go of the vegetation and climb onto the passing host.