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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

Fleas are annoying pests that can bug you and your furry family members. Fleas can cause itchy bites, and they multiply quickly. When these pests invade your home, you’ll want a quick and effective solution. Getting rid of fleas requires treating your home, yard, and pets. We’ve made a list of tips to help you keep your home free of fleas.

Sweep & Vacuum


When fleas enter your home, some live on pets and others end up scattered throughout your house. They hide in flooring, under furniture, and in cracks and crevices. Sweeping and vacuuming can help to remove them. Before starting, pick up any items on the floor including clothing and shoes. Thoroughly vacuum or sweep your floors and rugs. Place the contents of the vacuum in a sealed bag before disposing of it in an outdoor trash bin.

Wash Bedding & Pet Toys

Dog under blanket

Washing your pet’s bedding can also help when dealing with a flea infestation. Wash and dry your pet’s bedding at a high heat setting. This will kill the fleas hiding on it. You’ll also want to wash your bedding, especially if your furry friends sleep on your bed. Don’t forget about any blankets left on your chairs and sofa. You’ll also want to clean your pet’s toys as well.   

Flea-Proof Your Yard

Yard Bug Spray

There’s a good chance your pets were exposed to fleas in your yard. Flea-proofing your outdoor space will help to protect your pets and prevent more fleas from entering your house. Keep your grass and vegetation trimmed. When possible, reduce shady areas where fleas can hide. Consider adding a fence to keep out wildlife that can carry fleas. To kill and prevent fleas, spray your yard with a plant-based insecticide spray like our Yard Bug Spray.  

Protect Your Pets

Dog getting a bath

It’s always important to keep your pets healthy and happy. Regularly giving your pets a bath with soap and water can help to get rid of fleas. You can use a flea comb to check for and remove fleas as well. Pay attention to their face, neck, and near their tail since fleas gravitate to these spots. You’ll also want to contact your pet’s veterinarian. They can provide suggestions for flea control products or medicine.

Use Family-Friendly Insecticides

Bed Bug & Flea Killer

While cleaning and flea-proofing your home will help to get rid of fleas, that’s only half the battle. You’ll also want to treat your home with family-friendly insecticides. Our plant-based Bed Bug & Flea Killer kills fleas on contact and provides residual repellency. It can be applied in areas where your pets hang out and where fleas are likely to hide. You can also use an insecticide dust like our Spider & Insect Dust. Dusts provide long-lasting protection and can easily be applied to cracks and crevices. While our products can be used where pets spend time, they should not be applied to your furry family members.

Repeat the Process

Flea life cycle infographic

Unfortunately, fleas can be difficult to control because of their life cycle and their ability to reproduce quickly. These pests are protected from insecticides in two of their life cycle stages—egg and pupa. Vacuuming will help to remove flea eggs and pupae, so keeping up with this task is important. You will also likely need to reapply pest control products. This will help to ensure that you eliminate the fleas emerging from the egg and pupal stage.

Having fleas isn’t fun for you or your pets. Thankfully, there are things you can do to kick them out of your home. If you’re dealing with fleas or other bugs, we’re here to help! Check out our Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective™ Pest Control products for a more environmentally and family-friendly solution.  

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